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Severe stomach pain anyone?


Hi guys so I get such bad stomach pain it's awful does any one get this feels like something in side is going to burst the pains awful comes and goes had ultra sound endoscopy all normal but pains awful xxx

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Ibs pain can feel like like!...I get it quite often....feel like I'm going to explode in try and keep away from me when I'm going through these pains.!!!.hot water bottle , lay down and wait for the pain to ease. Hope you feel better xxx

Lolabaker in reply to Kezza09

Yes I'm going to do that kezza kettles boiling babe thank u xxxx


I get really bad stomach pains too. I had my gallbladder out in 2015 but still get stomach pains. I had endoscopy a few years after and they said my stomach doesn’t empty quick enough like most people’s do.

Was back in hospital on Friday with the stomach pains again. Had bloods done, chest X-ray, stomach area X-ray, everything was fine yet I am still in absolute agony and crying with the pain.

Still don’t know what stomach pain is and neither does the hospital, they said it will probably go in a few hours.

This is now Monday and I still have the pain along with terrible migraine, feeling really sick and very weak all over.

I totally understand your pain but as to a solution to it I have no idea. My only conclusion is possible medication related from my point of few as on so many different medications and feel that this could possibly be a culprit.

Hope you get an answer to your pain soon.

Send gentle hugs.


Lolabaker in reply to Cazza2612

Thanks hun one lady I know said she thought she had pancreas cancer as the pain was so bad but it was her fibromyalgia I went to er 4 weeks ago had ultra sound was normal hospital put on notes fibromyalgia related advised to take pain relief so it must be fibro related pain is terrible xx

Lolabaker in reply to Lolabaker

I just want to no wat it is nerves muscle god knows!!, xxxx were in the same boat caz xx

Lolabaker in reply to Cazza2612

We are in same boat caz xxxx


Just a thought, but maybe it could be connected to your anxiety/panic problems? Xx

Lolabaker in reply to Dizzytwo

Possible xxxxxx anxiety does crazy things to us x

If they can’t find an answer to the problem they put everything down to fibromyalgia which is an easy cop out as far as I am concerned. My legs issues are fibromyalgia/arthritis related but I don’t feel my stomach is.

I have a friend with similar issues who also had her gallbladder out and she is hospitalised regularly and they still have no idea what causes it. It seems that quite a few people who have there gallbladder removed have recurring stomach issues after it. I only developed a digestive problem after this.

I am afraid my experience of hospitals this year has not installed much faith in them due to the care or lack of that I have received.

Lolabaker in reply to Cazza2612

Yeah I totally understand if it helps my ultrasound showed no gallstone no inflammation no ulcers no bacteria in my gut on endoscopy yet my pains are like glass in my insides sharp and excrushiating then il be OK for few days then it's back it goes in to my shoulders my back just awful xxxxx

Hi lola,in the past I've had really bad stomach pains and turned out to be the ppi I was on,so could be medication related x

Hi Lola, could be down to IBS or side effects of meds.

Lots of hugs X

Had the same for years, FM also causes IBS had 2 endoscopys and scans it was put down to gastritis caused by taking Naproxen for years so now not allowed to take any anti inflammatory drugs ever again.

Hi I empathise I get stomach pain and bloating. Has anyone mentioned IBS? Maybe worth chat with your gp. X

I get this as well, doubles me over in agony. I find buscopan a god send. Within half an hour the pain disappears.

Lolabaker in reply to glochessum

I will get some today thank u for that they did give me that in hospital mate I need to take it regularly x

I’ve found that taking a probiotic seems to help me with this symptom. For years I was told I had IBS, then I had my gall bladder removed and eventually my appendix. Despite both these operations I still get some pain, but I’ve also got a hiatus hernia, so maybe that’s the problem now!

Yes IBS as part of the fibro. Had it for 15 years now. Everyday pain in my stomach in addition to everything else. I'm currently on Buscopan which seems to be helping so far 🤞

Lolabaker in reply to Maddy1974

Thanks for that hun il get some today x

Have you got IBS? people think this is nothing but this is not the case. I ended up in hospital as the pain was so bad, not to mention all the other symptoms it causes

I had the same problem as you and it turned out to be stomach ulcers. They started to bleed and was hospitalised along with blood transfusion. All caused by taking too many pain killers ( Anadin Plus) The plus bit is coding which is no good to your stomach. I would go and see your GP.

Lolabaker in reply to Cakeygirl

Thanks hun I have and I had endoscopy no ulcers and no bad bacteria xxxx so odd

I'm so fed up of going er to be told everything's normal 🙄xx

I've had fibromyalgia for at least a couple of decades, have been diagnosed with IBS and a host of other conditions (diabetes, osteoarthritis and god knows what else).

I too get awful stomach pains and have had colonoscopies, endoscopies etc. I reacted to carbohydrates (flour, potatoes, rice etc.) and not in a good way!

Someone I work with said his partner was like me and suggested Actimel daily. I've been taking a little bottle a day and the difference is staggering. I don't get the pain anymore, no more bloating or wind.

I think I've been on a few antibiotics in the past that killed the good bacteria in my gut. The Actimel has replaced them.

If you had asked me 6 months ago, well I thought I had something serious like cancer. I'm feeling a lot better. Please try it and see - it might be something simple and easy to fix. We don't need any more pain than we get already, do we?

Good luck!

Lolabaker in reply to Penpusher

Look up kefir and its benefits xxx

I too'd think about IBS - meaning in my case an elimination diet to find out what my gut & stomach can stomach and what they can't. In my case this pain would be wind plus diarrhea making me implode/explode, and/or a burning stomach and esophagus. I've found out what I need to stop eating, which is a lot, but it's worth it. Now I only need psyllium for it to be fairly OK, unless I ignore the diet. I'm not going to take meds to be able to eat normally, because they will again cause further problems!

I get it bad when constipated i scream with pain

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