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Just a quick hello


I haven't been on in a while as since the idiot immunologist who said fibro is cureable took me off all my connective tissue disease drugs my hands have been so swollen & sore typing is painful. I'm going away for the weekend with my hubby this weekend as he thought I needed a break. It looks like I'm going to lose my job and the pains getting worse can't even manage to do one reflexology treatment at the moment :( hope they sort it out soon

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Have you been back to your GP as mine manages all my meds and your GP should be able to sort you out

Have a nice weekend away


He wanted to leave it a month & see what the blood tests show. I've just had them done so will see him on Tuesday


Oh good hopefully you will get something sorted then... Sorry about your reflexology as I know how much you enjoyed that

VG x

Hi Suzy B - I hope that as VG says your GP can sort you out.

Sometimes, doctors will stop all drugs for a patient, just to see how they do, and so that they can start from a blank canvas so to speak -- unfortunately, they don't always consider the implications for those who have to work for a living!

Hope you improve soon!

Love from Moffy x

I hope your GP can help.


Go back to gp. The rheumy put me on duloxetine and when I said u felt worse, they said its ok just need to up the dose.

Over the next 3 weeks, I got worse and worse and was finding it more difficult to go to the toilet. I got to my gp, who said if I had got to them later I would have been in hosp with full blown urinary retention. He decreased them over the next week and within 48 hours, started to feel much better. So now I know definitely to trust our own bodies.

My rheumy also left me 4 months without telling me that I had 1 autoimmune disorder that luckily I hadn't needed a blood transfusion as would have gone into anifalaxic shock and I had sticky blood, he asked me if I had issues with having children, when I said only had one but ignored the rest and it turns out I have Hughes syndrome too with indicators for lupus.

Still not heard from later bloods after 2 months so seeing a haematologist on 16th at my local hosp, not the 20 miles away one to hopefully sort it out.

Hope you get yours sorted soon


Poor you, hope they sort your meds quickly. Have you considered seeing if anyone in your area teaches light-touch? It's much easier on your hands and clients I've had that have tried both regular reflex and light-touch are surprised at how effective something so gentle is x

It's not receiving the reflexology I'm training to give reflexology. I have to have done 100 treatments by June to qualify and I've only managed to do 50 or so and with my hands being bad I can't do any at the moment as it hurts my hands to do them

talk to your lecturer, i studies holistic therapies a few years ago which included reflexology and one of the girls in my class was ill towards end of course and she was allowed to do less treatments than everyone else. there may be a minimum amount of treatments you need to give to pass.

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