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Beaterblockers lower my blood pressure

I have been told on two occasions to double my dose of beaterblockers , I was given them in December and already had low blood pressure , felt like I had no air getting to my brain , cardiologist told my doctor to double dose he wanted me bk in three months , letter for appointment came tho this month for appointment in August , so still havnt seen him to discuss it . That's 8 months , I can't take the double dose as blood pressures all ready low and when I lay down my heart rate is 54 beats per min. I have problems doing anything I feel like I'm going to pass out all I can do is go bk to bed I'm so tired all time it's ridiculas . Are they allowed to leave you in this state . I get weird sensations all over my body and moods are really bad. I've been looking into POTS because I am so fed up , thinking bout paying for private doctor because NHS don't care . I don't feel as ill as I was in December but then I thought I'd had a heart attack or a stroke , they discharged me n said i was ok, I could hardly walk or talk or swallow. Heart rate was up to 140 beats then dropped to 85 up and down. I didn't feel ok at all. Blood pressure was normal but would drop when I sat up. I get disorientation when I go anywhere its just getting worse by day . My seizure type episodes have stopped since December don't know what they are but do resemble pots . I'm sickened off and can't do anything .except been stuck in this house with no money for anything. Bk on sick again x

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Have you tried contacting your cardiologist's secretary to see if there's any way to get a sooner appointment given the consultant wanted to see you again in 3 months and you need to see him?

Going private is an option to avoid NHS waiting lists if you can afford this.


Hi, I did speak to his secretary to chase up the appointment in March to find out where it was as I last saw him in December , hence that was the earliest appointment , typical , , think I may go private sickened off with NHS , don't get me wrong it works out ok for some but I feel totally let down , I'm all-ready sat with no heating on , I will beg my family for a wip round to afford it, I am discussed with the negligence in this area where I live heard so much of this latley x


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