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My heart just lept! (fibro fog situation)

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I've just been into my Email and see a number of email from 'HealthUnlocked'.

Forgetting what HealthUnlocked was (Duh!), I was slightly worried as to why someone would send me a Email with "Not amused!!!" and 14 other posts. as the beginning of a message.

It made my heart leap into my throat! I'm not into violence whatsoever and cower at the slightest bit of confrontation. Stoopid Emails. I'll have to turn that off or remember for future Email If I forget, haha.

I fancy a laugh.

What's the funniest thing you've done, whilst suffering fibrofog?

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I went into the drs and went up to the window .. The woman said can I help and I said I hope so I have forgotten why I am here .. She helpfully said this is prescriptions .... Aha I said I want two prescriptions one for me one for my OH .. What names she said.... Good question I replied while frantically trying to think of my OH and my names .. What eventually came out was a mixture of my name and my husbands . So that made no sense but the surname was right so she managed to find them.

Funny maybe ... Embarrassing ... Definately..

VG x

Don't give the "not amused" email a second thought, just ignore it xx

Hi my daftest moment was just the other day when i had to ask my hubby how old i was this year,he just looks at me like ive gone out to lunch and i just look at him and shrug!!!!

I forget people's names very easily and go through a whole list of friends and family names till I either get the right one or someone auto corrects me!! I think the funniest thing I've done is walk off with someone else's shopping trolley, FULL, in the supermarket. I just went for the one nearest me, but, unfortunately, it wasn't mine. I did realise when I wondered why their was dog food in the trolley!! I don't have a dog!!! :-)) XX

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sue32 in reply to sue32

See??? I meant 'there'!! XX

I do the shopping trolley thing. I load my own little buggy up from the Asda trolley, then stroll off with the big empty wire trolley and leave my buggy and all my shopping behind! I've done it twice,now - I think I'll have to change supermarkets! :O

Moffy x

I first realised what it was when I was having a bath and called out to our daughter aged 12! (Cos you know how teenage girls get about their hair!) So... There I was having my hair washed with hubby's help and needed some leave-in conditioner... What did I say? T***, where's the leave-in Shampoo :o. Hubby automatically corrected me calling "conditioner!"

Feeling silly I said to hubby "Glad I've never done something daft like that before" laughingly he said "No darling, you do it all the time" and then I laughed and that's how we keep love and humour going on in our marriage



the funniest thing I can think of was putting Couscous into tea instead of sugar"

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ladymoth in reply to Midori


I love couscous but not with tea lol


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