Hyper sensitivity ruining my life!

Recently I have become hyper sensitive to everything to the point where I just want to scream !! Noise, smells, colours, lights, people all screeching and glaring and invading every pore, I really am not exaggerating it is literally driving me mad. Last week for our anniversary my hubby took me out for a meal, just in a little country pub, I couldn't stand any of it and to be honest it has ruined my whole Easter as I believe the stress of the experience caused another damned flare up! Each time I have a flare up is now worse than the last. Fybromyalgia has a lot to answer for, I just don't know how to cope with this horrendous disease! It seems to be one thing after another. Sorry for ranting, again, I do hope that nobody else is feeling like this at the moment though unfortunately I know so many are in exactly the same boat. Sending love x

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  • Fibro is a very odd thing when it comes to sensitivities, I think we all suffer to some degree.

    What seems to have happened to you though, is it has gone into overdrive.

    Are you able to speak to your doctor about it? He may be able to suggest a medication or some treatment.

    I know it is a little different but when children become like this they are gradually introduced into one sensory irritation which is slowly increased.

    It could be that by avoiding these triggers you are inadvertantly making the situation much worse.

    Don't worry about the ranting, this is the best place to do it as we understand.


  • hope you are soon feeling better, its so hard at times, i hate all the schreeching noises, it really makes me feel so stressed so you have my sympathy xx

  • Hi Sadiestar

    You must be really going through it at the moment I have to say I agree with bluebell99 overdrive is awful. Hope you manage to get support of your GP on treatment. Good luck :)

  • Hi Lizzy-m

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I have to admit that I get like this when I am due a migraine as all of my senses go onto overdrive. I would definitely talk to your doctor about what is happening for you as they may be able to tweak your medication for you?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Lizzy-m i am exactly the same and often just have to remove myself from places , situations .Im sorry it ruined your evening .x

  • Thank you for your replies. I am trying to get medication that suits and have just had a trial with Dualoxatine, it did not agree with me leaving me spaced out, like outside looking in on life. I have gone back onto my trusted Fluoxetine and am waiting on an appointment at pain management. I have booked to see my Gp next week but do not hold out much hope, it is trial and error and you do begin to feel like a guinea pig. Just really fed up with the whole thing now. Sending love x

  • As a person with many sensitivities I sympathise. There is a grain of truth in what Bluebell said regarding the more you remove yourself from life's sensitivities tolerance levels drop further, I have found this and it is common in the elderly after they retire.

    Apart from fibromyalgia many of us have histamine issues which can result in sensitivities. Have a Google for Histamine Intolerance and low histamine foods to see if this resonates with any of your difficulties. In this modern age we are inundated with artificial smells, all manner of chemicals etc. This has lead to more people suffering from overload. I cannot tolerate strong perfumes, many chemicals that are used in household products, petrol fumes, irritating noise and yes irritating people. We are not alone, the world at the moment is nuts, filled with so much rubbish that nature did not mean us to have. On a brighter note I have discovered, if you can afford it, holidays that are organic, in that paint, furniture, surroundings, food are organically sourced thus eliminating some of the misery that sensitive people experience when on holiday.

    There is no magic answer to our frustrations except to lead as simple a life as we can manage and to find peaceful outlets when we socialise. If I fancy lunch out I try to find a nice little café where they serve herbals as well as other drinks, decent food and no music, plus a table that is not too close to others. Don't let it defeat you, just make an art of trying to get around it.

  • Thank you , you have hit the nail on the head ! Artificial smells are everywhere. It really is not a surprise that so many of our children are asmahtic. The world is filled to capacity with all this rubbish ! Again great answer xxxxx

  • Thanks Lizzy, just as an after thought... there was a series on tv a little while ago when a medieval village was constructed and the actor occupants had to live as close to those times as possible for a year. When the series finished and the actors returned to normal living it was noted they found smells from this modern age were the most difficult to come to terms with once again, just goes to show eh. Another point which I have mentioned before is that in the USA some large Companies are banning the wearing of perfume at work due to the prevalence of intolerances; wished that would catch on over here instead of the indignation I experience from many people when you mention you have a perfume allergy and find it difficult to be close.

  • Hi Lizzy-m ,Sorry yi hear this as I know how you feel.I am very sensitive to lights,noise, the worse fir me is being around a crowd and to me a crowd is more than 2 Lol Hope it gets better.Peck 🐤

  • Hate being in a crowd. Noise drives me mad. Everyone seems to shout. Supermarkets are hell. I wear hearing aids and I am almost complete deaf to what people say without them although I can hear bird song!, (I do not have to decipher what the birds say like I have to do with human speech!) In any social situation I have to wear them and very often get a blinding headache and nausea after 5 or 10 minutes. I try not to avoid social occasions completely as it is isolating and that makes me very depressed. But I very often just have to leave as I cannot stand any more.

    I am also very sensitive to all the artificial smells we have to endure. Freshly washed clothes smell as bad to me as unwashed. When swimming I can taste it in the water when they use those timed air fresheners which send out a metered dose every so often.

    I get the impression that people including medics think I am making a fuss but very often things become intolerable.

  • I know how you feel it's enough to drive you insane

  • I hear you! I spend half my time at work cringing, either that or I'm close to tears its so loud! And my poor dog gets shouted at a lot as he has a nasty habit if barking really loud at nothing...git 😊 I've gone from standing near speakers at heavy metal gigs to cringing at people talking near me. Except for work I'm a recluse because of the hypersensitivity and fibro.

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