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The sun is shinning brilliantly and guys I have to say that although I am working with an illustrator there is still a long way to go!


When the day comes I will let you all know- I have been working on this for the past two years didnt realise how long it had been till the other day. It is the rewriting that takes the time.

I find it very addictive so fingers crossed .


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What a wonderful goal to set yourself Gins so glad you found another illustrator .... I personally can't wait to hear its been published and get my hands on a copy.....

VG x

Is your illustrator good at interprating what is in your head? I have written a few stories for my own kids over the years and had never taken ot further but one of my daughters' string of boyfriends was a brilliant cartoonist and I asked him to do my chaaracter called Wellie Mouse. It was perfect, it was like he saw into my head and put Wellie Mouse on the page. Even my grandson said it was just how he imagined it.

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