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I have been up for such a long night way before the crack of sparrows ~~~ oh there they go cccrrrriach

Long night no sleep just pain working around my shoulders arms, hands , and down lets not go there. How weird just heard a helli copter they do not usually come out here -

Fingers shoulders knees and toes knees and toes that is right nothing is working tonight .

If circumstances were different but there not are they - !

Defo time I tried again I shall go and cuddle the dog :)

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Morning gins,

Ditto! I"ve also been up best part of the early hours and enjoying the dawn Chorus of the lovely birds!

Wondering if there is any part of my body left to hit with PAIN!! Although please see my last message to "pic" of the day from yest. kindly donated by Foggy as per usual, thank you Foggy!

As reading all of your "crazy responses", did somewhat distract me, throughout the wee small hours of early morning and give me a right old "Belly-laugh!" & company!

I sincerely hope you managed to get back off for some much needed sleep, cwtching your dog!

So you are in much less pain and fatigue when you awake, hopefully refreshed, to go on and fight yet another day! Brining us much joy & wonderful wisdom & advice!

Many thanks to you. I sincerely hope you wake-up refreshed & relieved of horrendous pain, you suffered through out the night/early hours?!!

Sending positive healing energies your way, did the Helicopter stay for long or perhaps it was your lift I sent out on your behalf, if so you"ve missed it! I hope the others managed to get on bored!

Hope you have a better day!

(((gentle hugs))) Lynn XX


I thought they were coming to take me away hah ha but no I am still here at the ready waiting to see if I can be of any help to us fibromites.

I am wearing funny gloves (they are for compression) makes hands look like five sausages in a bag they have series of black dots on them - said dots are magnetique all I know is when I type they dance before my eyes and squeak on the lap top surface.

Good moaning to one and all

Have a good day xxgins


So pleased you are still with us and good job you did"nt manage to get on that Helicopter! Hope the others missed it too and still very much with us!

Those gloves sound hilarious! Are they standard issues to site or just for Volunteer"s?! If so, good on you all for doing such a brilliant job of keeping this Site an honour to be a member of!!

Many thanks to you all !!

Let hope to have a good day by all!! XX


The gloves are compression therapy working the same way as leg wraps do any movement you make works against the skin and encourages fluid to move up the arm any away. (That is very brief explanation) I have Lymohodema in my legs and I wondered if the gloves would help in the same way oh for long elegant fingers :)



Hi gins

I have never heard of these "Therapy Wraps" or Gloves, come to that, some what behind down/up here in Wales!!

I sincerely hope the Gloves bring you relief, as the same principal as your leg wraps?

Any thing to help relieve pain/discomfort is definitely worth a try!

That would also be a "plus" long elegant fingers too!

Good luck with them, hope they work for you!

(((Gentle hugs))) Lynn XX


I will try it with LDN (low dose Naltrexon) I will start today before I go to bed. I hope after some days I can sleep without spasm. I wil tell about ist


I woke up yesterday sore from the end of my fingers to the end of my toes. It took until 3pm until all the painkillers kicked in. Oh why does it happen? Thankfully it is just fingers arms and shoulders today. A good few hours sleep and woken with a cuppa.


Morning gins sending many healing sleepy pain busting fluffies ad hope you get some proper rest soon :)

I didn't go to sleep til gone 4 and just woke up after my sleep cycle of 3.5 hrs and off to put the kettle on so if you're about it's brekky time :)

Anyone else like brekky let's gather what we can and have a banquet of goodies :D

There's already porridge and muesli

............. the stuff for a proper cooked brekky remember you cannot put on weight in virtual playland :)

Fruit juices and teas and coffees anything you'd like to add?

even maple syrup!! yum yum!

:) xxxsianxxx :)


morning Sian how about a coissant how scrumptious yummy . I love virtual food I am even virtually full. xxgins


I do like croissants should I have one before or after my pancakes (see below) drooling now

LOL xxx sian


Have I missed it all? :( it makes my porridge seem dull now :) I want goodies pleeeeeeease :D


Cooooooooofeeeeeeeeeeeeee coffee feel the beat as you walk down the street cofffee!!!

Come on every body join the coffee morning at Zebs


Morning All. The chopper must be looking for evil cats. I'm on my way. The men in the white taxi are bringing me to Sian's (I hope)

My hamster squeaks on the laptop surface :P :P

How's Sian and boys today. I wonder if you can handle them with compression gloves.

I'm imagining gins eating a croissant with gloves on (gins, not the croissant) Hehehehe.


quite poorly at the moment Kettle but let's have brekky because I won't be making much sense in a short while due to being dozed up on meds :o

squeak squeak from the boys :)

POT xx


Oh, Ta. I wondered what you meant by putting on the Kettle :P

Healing lavender scented hugs :)


Yep same here why didn't we have a party then? Lol

Theme choccys for the chocoholics mmmmmm


Yep I could do choccy right now.................... urm hot pancakes with morello cherries and a rich chocolate sauce with real vanilla ice-cream :D

Oh my fave ! LOL

In reality it will be porridge and toast think I may stay here for a little while :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hide the bourbons or Ken wont quieten down.


He may go for the pancakes :D


Mmmmmm pancakes shhh or I'll never stick to my diet


I have some special glue.

Try mine. I'm on the whiskey diet. So far I've lost 3 days :P :P


we're in virtual land diets don't matter if you'd like to give the pancakes a go ;)


Hi gins,

It is really awful when you can't sleep. I need sleep and find it easier to handle the pains if I get it, so you have all my sympathy. I won't even gloat that I managed to sleep ;)

Read your post and was waiting for the complete song....Head, shoulders, Knees and toes.......

Hope you can get some relief today and catch up on some sleep.

Gentle Hugs xx


I have a shampoo for rthe first one, but nothing for the second. I remember that post with the photo of a pharmacy shelf :P :P


So did I, just goes to show the memory isn't that bad after all :) Cream works better for the other bits ;)


Morning All black coffee for me thanks


There is nothing like a cuddle with the dog.

May the sunshine ease your pain.




Sorry to read that you didn't sleep because of your pain my friend, i really hope that you can get some good quality sleep tonight.

Take care

Ken x


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