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I have fibro,chronic fatigue,oestoearthiritus,spondylethisis.

I have had fibro for 13 years and had to give up work in 2008 after a flare up that has never really stopped.

Its time for me soon to go to my doctor and have my meds checked.

Why is it as soon as I enter the room I forget everything I want to to tell the doctor.My mind goes blank! I also feel that shes probably fed up of hearing me.

How can I overcome this.I dont want to be a burden but I dont think I say enough to explain how much pain i am in and the fatigue I experience.

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We have all been there and done it... So sit yourself down and write a list of the points you feel are important and add anything you feel he needs to know ... Start it days before your appointment if possible so you have plenty of time to get everything remembered and written down ... Not only does it help as an aid if you walk into your gps and burst into tears which I have done many times in a flare ...just hand over your list and let your GP read it and then they can deal with the problems you have .....

I felt like a burden on my GP as I used to have to go nearly every week until by pure luck we hit upon a great combination of meds for me, so I can make it longer between visits.... just think if no one went to their gps they would go out of business it's their job ... We don't feel guilty getting the shopping every week so don't feel bad about seeing your GP as often..

Hope this helps you a little

VG x


I'm the same always forget what I want to say and get all nervous trying to explain how I am to my GP who is great but I still feel like I am a bother and always moaning about pain etc. I find myself sometimes playing down how I am forgetting that he is my GP and needs to know how I am! Thankfully he see's through me and knows how bad I really am.

I have my first visit to the Rheumatologist at the end of May and have already written out some things I want to tell him which I will bring with me,

Like VG says we shouldn't feel guilty about how often we visit it's their job, even though we do. I suppose it's how we are...


I once drew a picture like a stickman and then a list with arows pointing to all the worst pain issues.I said to the GP "Here, this is what it is like, what do you think we an deal with here?" .. So long as you have the list you can get as "upset" as you want though

I think you kind of have to take charge if you can and tell him rather than ask . Some of the docs at my practice are easy to deal with, others are not.

You have to convince them you know best about your body.

Do some research, print stuff out but YOUR list of YOUR symptoms is really important and tell him why you have written it, explain that the fibro fog makes it hard to remember things.


Good advice there from everyone.

Don't ever forget that your doctor gets paid rather well for being bothered by you, so bother away - it's what he's for. Or she!

Moffy x


This article, on Dealing with Doctors, may be of help:


I always right a list, but try to read it out myself I think I'll take advice and hand it to my GP as I have got home and there are things that I really wanted to ask about and I forgot even with it wrote down (brain fog to the extreme). I am lucky I have a really understandind doctor, but still feel nervous...

Stickman is a good idea

soft hugs to you all



I like that idea of the stick man I've just moved to a new practice so just getting to know the gp' s one is really good at listening & seams to know mire on fibro but I too forget all the time what I want to say so think I might try it myself hugs to you all :)


To all who answered many many thanx.

The stickman is a great idea.

V.G your comments are great

Many many thanx to you all


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