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Hi all. I'm Tracy.

I've been in the back ground for a while, stalking, reading your blog's. :D and have learnt quite a lot from you all. So, I've decided to write a blog about me and my health. I know I could write a load of blogs, but I'd like to use this one for the serious stuff that affects/effects me. :/ There are five main reasons for this;

1. It Keeps me busy, when I can't do much else.

2. I think it's a good healthy way to express my emotions.

3. Hope it may help someone else.

4. I can look in one place (easily confused)

5. I don't want to take the whole front page up with posts that will be useless to anyone.

Oh! and 6. It keeps me out of the fridge. :)

A bit about me.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in November 2012 After having symptoms for about 2yrs previous...

I've been typing this for ages, I keep changing things....Grrr!... I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open now.

Are well, Fatigue calls. Night x

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Welcome Tracy, this is a lovely forum and I'm pleased you have already skulked and have seen what would help you in your struggle with fibro. t sounds like you are an intelligent lady and understand your needs, and that is to my mind crucial as a means of self preservation. Your list is very well composed, wish I could think enough to come up with something like that, but I forget half way through and then lose the plot completely.......ah well the joys of fibro........we do have some fun posts here Tracy and I have found them very helpful, averting my mind from the pain I'm in, so do feel free to join in with those too, as well as the mor serious ones.

I hope you enjoy being here and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that there is to tap into. Best wishes, Foggy x


Welcome Tracy hope you enjoy being here with us, I think foggy has said it all and if she hasn't then I have forgotten :)

VG x


Welcome to the forum Tracy x and well done in advance with the blog. I'm terrible...I haven't really blogged at all. I just comment on others. Lol


Ah thank you for the lovely welcome. <3

I have and will continue to look at others posts, the fun ones too. I might even reply If I find something I can help out with.

lol @ the intelligent Foggy, but thanks for the compliment. :)

After my fatigue, I woke up at 12 midnight thinking it was about 6 this morning, It was so light. I then realised It was a full moon :p I thought I had had a good sleep. Found it a bit difficult getting back off, but got there eventually. Woke at 11.30 this morning :D. I'm feeling really stiff but I'm putting that down to it being so cold. I live in Cornwall so haven't got that luxury of central heating.

have a good day all

Tracy x


P.S Looks like It's back, hip and shoulder pain today. It seems to always be worse on my left hand side.


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