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Upset and Angry ! Advice needed please

Hi I am in the wrag for esa last August I wrote and appealed to be placed into the support group I kept on ringing them as I was hearing nothing ! However this morning I got a letter to say my appeal had been refused I didn't even get a hearing or a chance to provide any information apart from having fibro I am disabled and recive high rate mobility and low rate care the worry and stress of this is making me really ill

please can any-one help

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I'm sorry you've been put through the mill like this, poor you. My humble advice would be Togo straight to the CAB and see what they think, alternatively contact your local jobcentre and ask to speak to the person dealing with people in the wrag. When I spoke to the lady there she gave me lots of advice and I came away knowing that although the wrag was where they'd placed me, I'd didn't mean I had to look for work or even be involved in activities, she saw me and realised that it wasn't something I was capable of so the pressure was off.

Sorry not to have any more constructive advice, but I can only advise through my own experience. I think ATOS do this for their number crunching, to get the figures the end of the day, as the lady I spoke to said, they can't make you work and if employers think they can take on people who are (and this is said in complete kindness, not nastily) completely unreliable, it would be mad. I hope others are able to help you more than I can.

Foggy x


Have you got the Benefits & Work guides? If not, email and Emma can send them out for free. They go through the steps you need to take for appeals and tribunals.

Also see this information:


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