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Hi all, I've just recieved the dreaded brown envelope when I opened it I was devastated to read I have to attend my local benefit office for a review of my benefits and circumstances. I am virtually housebound I was granted top rate of pip mobility and care indefinitely about a year ago. The thing is it says I have to have a face to face interview if I don't go my benefits will stop immediately has anyone else had this. I'm feeling very frightened. Help please. Ty x pint x

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  • Hi pinot I am sending the link for help with this besides this you can look on our mother site

    hope this helps

  • Hi admin ty so much x

  • Have you given them a ring to explain the circumstances. Say you are very willing to have a review but could an officer come to your house as you would have great difficulty getting there? Worth a try nothing to lose everything to gain.

    If they do insist on you attending do realise there are cameras everywhere so you will be observed. I went for an ESA review with a disability officer and had to wait 20 minutes in the waiting room. It was only at the end of the interview he said "I recommend the they don't hassle you as I could see by your discomfort in the waiting room that you have difficulty sitting in an office chair for any length of time" showed I was being observed by a hidden camera. Good luck let us know how you get on

  • Ringing them is a good move.

  • Ty so much it sounds like persecution I did try to ring them yesterday but their was no reply to the number they gave me but I shall try again ty so much for your information it's invaluable. Hugs pinot.

  • You need to fight this as it's clearly wrong. Can I also add that you need prehaps legal help too from a law center?

    Have a look also at for more advice upon this subject. Also prehaps 'Benefits and Work' are worth calling or looking up on line as they constantly fight cases and give solid advice to alot of people in similar situation?

    I'm truly disgusted that your being put through high levels of unnecessary angxioty and being treated with such cynical contempt and desrespect for your predicament if being house bound.

    Hopefully you will get these blighters on the back foot!

    Heather x

  • Explain you're housebound and why and need face to face at home. Had mine at home.

    Good luck. xx :)

  • Hi pinot

    I am so truly sorry to reads this and as the others have said it would be prudent to ring them and explain your situation? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I cannot understand how a person can go from one extreme to another in the space of a year !! Who is making these crazy decisions and what are they based on?? I would really love to know. All the best with trying to reason with these crazy crazy individuals !!

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