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Well the letter from OH has arrived. She states that .....

at this stage she (me), is currently undergoing further investigations and treatment and therefore the long term prognosis is unclear. It would appear that she is in the reactive phase of arthritis. Fibromyalgia is a long term condition that causes pain all over the body. Other symptoms include increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness and difficulty sleeping. The symptoms are usually self managed. There is nothing to suggest that either of these conditions would make her permanently incapable of carrying out her role. She is currently not fit to return to work due to her ongoing symptoms.

I’m not sure what to think of this? I am due for a 6 month absence review meeting, which HR will be invited to, which is also when I go there half pay. Not sure if I will make it mind! Hardly been out of bed again for days!

Any advice would be gratefully received?

I have received a letter from my employer which states that my entitlement to full pay expires on 19/3/18, ....whilst you are on half pay you will receive SSP until this expires on 4/4/18. Please can anyone explain? I have always worked and never claimed SSP or benefits before!

I had a nuclear medicine full body bone scan yesterday. No idea how long it takes to get the results. Anyone had any history of these?

Thank you all again, for taking the time to read my lengthy posts! Xxxx


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Hi she is contradicting a bit I really would go to citizens advice for this and it is for people who know the law here you do have a case and rights hope you get on ok and get wot you need take care.


Hi Hareyfarey,

It seems what she is actually saying is.. you are not fit for work right now because you are in the reactive stage but when you are in remittance stage you can work.

Now what employer is going to give time off every time an employee is in the reactive phase of the condition? Flares can last for months at a time!!

You definitely need to seek legal advice.



Thank you. That’s the way I read it too but I have been practically bedridden for 6 months! Seems to be deteriorating if anything. I am in a union, so will try and have a rep with me. Xx


Hi you really must have a rep with you and try to have a consultation with the rep beforehand.

I had to go to HR, this was in 2010. I had no idea who they were, so naively I went on my own. There were two people on the panel.

They said if I said I would come back to work within 2 weeks I could keep my job. I couldn't agree to it. I was in pain and very depressed and anxious.

My young daughter was very depressed and was contemplating suicide. I didn't realise I was actually having a mental/nervous breakdown.

They ended up paying me off with benefits. And told me if when I was ready, u could reapply for my job again.

Everything went down hill after that.

I lost my job, my marriage ended and lost my home

I never was ready again unfortunately.

So please make sure you have a rep with you who understands your circumstances.

Good luck,

Take good care,

Mags 🌼🌸💐


Hi, aww bless you, sounds like you had a rough time. Thank you for your response. Xxx


Sorry to hear your story. I've an OH appt on Thursday. I'm going to cancel as I'm not well at the moment. I've heard they don't like you to cancel but hey ho...X


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