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Epsom Salt Bath

I had my first Epsom Salt bath this morning. I don't enjoy baths really so I can't say relaxing. I hope I have absorbed some magnesium. Fell trying to get out of the bath twice, so make sure you have someone to help you get out. I've bruised the underarm of my left arm, not to bad though. I had the bath quiet hot which probably was a mistake. I feel more energised this morning, that might be psychological though. I have a bright red face which made my partner laugh. Yes, he could have helped me get out of the bath but, we have rather a large house and he wouldn't of been able to hear me call.


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I love a hot bath, but can't bend my knees enough to get in and out. I manage a shower OK, so I'm clean, but would love a long soak. The moist heat is so good for muscle pains, but you need to ensure your safety before you go for it again!

If you really want to try an increased magnesium intake, you'd be better taking some orally - you really can't absorb it through your skin.

Medicinal patches for HRT, nicotine replacement, pain relief etc, are chemically engineered to pass through the dermal barrier. Your skin is specially adapted to keep out potentially harmful substances, and most salts and minerals won't get through.

I hope your bruises get better soon, and do take care. make your OH stay in earshot, or get him in the bath with you!!!!!! :O

Moffy x


That's why I had to get rid of my bath had trouble getting in and out invariably fell either getting in or out, be careful please big gentle hugs. Sithy.


i take magnesium every day and they do help,,,do have this if you can x love x


You can also put Epson salts in a foot bath just a bowl on the floor. It works just as well and you don't fall getting out. You maybe don't have to have the bath quite as hot? I find head phones and jack johnson really adds to the pleasure xxx


My mum & dad gave me a gift of a bath lift a few years ago - what a JOY to press a button to deflate/inflate a chair to get me in & out. NEVER USE BATH OILS & if you are feeling infirm still have someone on hand or it is still hair raising. To go with it my friend bought an over bath caddy that has a book rest, candle holder & wine glass holders! The cats believe the spaces meant for wash cloths/soaps n things either side of the book are in fact for THEM so who am I to argue?!


Since my hubby bought me an electric bath seat, I now have 2/3 Epsom Salt baths each week. I add 2 cups Epsom Salts, 2 cups Dead Sea Salt Minerals, about 10ml of Glycerin and then some ordinary bubble bath. I feel wonderful after these, but make sure to moisturise all over, to keep the magnesium 'in'. I use Glycerin, as the Salts can make your skin dry. The magnesium is absorbed by the skin, the same way that Essential Oils are :

Take care when getting in and out Gwen and maybe get a seat to get you in and out safely :)

Blessings Denise


Hi - not been hear for a few days, does his work?? Taking more showers than baths mainly for the ease of it and find that I'm taking longer showers (just standing under the hot water) for ease of pain & warming my bones.

So does a magnesium bath help or work??



Hi Anjee,

It's hard to know if it's having a bath that's helping or the magnesium, definitely the shoulder pain I was getting has improved quite a bit. I have been using an infrared lamp as well.


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