Epsom salts and paraffin wax

spent yesterday afternoon imersed in an epsom salt bath , advised to have a shower afterwards which i did ,and slathered on moisturiser , then wanted to snuggle down in bed and keep warm which i did . turned off my phone and woke up 3 hours later after a lovely deep sleep , and was amazed still slept last night . just spent this morning layering warm parafifn wax over my knees ,.which have become unbearable .Very messy operation started applying with a paint brush lol but ended up just massaging it onto my skin , then wrapped up and relaxed. Time to remove now and clean up but hoping it gives some relief . Interested if anyone else has tried these therapies ?

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  • ive just found some epson salts in my cupboard , OFF TO HAVE A HOT BATH XXX

  • I nearly bought epson salts this morning as both my mother and older sister (who are fellow sufferers) recommended them. Think i will give it a try!

  • Hi , if your mum and sister already use this could you ask them how much they put in the bath please ?

  • hi what do you just sprinle epsom salts in the bath / if so how much a tablespoon? also can you put bubble bath in to or just the epsom salts ? sorry lots of questions jus wanted to know what you have to do love diddle x

  • i just poured some in and swished it around i suppose you could put bubble bath in, it was being sold as a laxative so no bathing instructions, but the assistant said to make sure its rinsed off properly as we can tend to have dry skin with fm , and she is a sufferer too . I would be real interested in how much to put in if anyone knows ?

  • As a pharmacist I often used to sell blocks of hard parrafin to people with rheumatism in thier hands . The idea was to melt it in adish and then immerse your hands, leave to gradually cool then graudally reheat to take your hand out.

    Never did it personally but was told it helps.

    Epsom salts has long been used in baths for painful rheumatic conditions. I used to sell bags of cheap epsom salts for that, a kilo at a time quite cheap.

  • When you say adish, are you referring to Epson salts? I'm searching GOOGLE online as to if in fact, ebson salt can be benificial when mixed in hand treatments of paraffin wax and this is all I have found.

  • i worked in physio for a short time a lifetime ago and one of my jobs was the wax baths for patients hands , but id completely forgot about this until one of my daughters went to a spa and had this treatment on her feet . So ive adapted one of my oil burners now to melt the wax and then spread it on with my fingers , then wrap my knees up and rest . ive combined this with the epsom salt baths for the past few days and my knees are a touch less excrutiating and ive managed to take my dog for a walk for the first time in ages , climb the stairs upright without. having to crawl , getting in and out the bath easier .I cant buy the epsom salts in any of the shops ive tried in kilo bags retiredpharm , it seems to be being marketed as a laxative .So better not drink any of my bath water , dont need that effect with ibs ,

  • Well ever this helps I do this myself anything to help, I use double base cream its great - You can get it from your doctor X

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