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New Scooter

I am really excited as I have a new scooter coming on Monday which I have bought half with my backdated DLA money and half which I have managed to save up.

It is called a Mobie and it folds up in 5 seconds and back to a scooter in 5 seconds. It can be taken on a bus, train, even on a plane (not that I ever go on a plane).

I can no longer manage to take my other one apart and put it in the boot of the car or even get it out of the front door on my own. Once a month I run a bereavement group in the village hall which is only a few hundred yards from where I work but I can no longer walk that far. This month luckily my son was starting work at the same time as me and he works next door but one to the village hall so he put the scooter in the car and got it out the other end and then I left it at work overnight and my son put it back in the car and my daughter got it out at home the next day. I can't rely on that happening every time and if I start telling my boss I can't do things I will probably lose my job.

One morning earlier this week I was trying to walk my dog, crying with pain at every step, got home to find my son leaning against the back door having a fag before I took him to work. I just broke down and said I just couldn't go on anymore, so when I got to work I googled folding mobility scooters and bought one.

Went from feeling almost suicidal to excited all in one day.

Just hope it's as good and easy to use as it sounds.

Also got a very good deal, would recomend the company to anyone

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hi lynn

it sounds great! as i only see the usual mobility scooters which are quite bulky as my dear beloved Anty had one (no longer here though now) used to race with her down the dual carriage way near wher i live in my car but then i was fine , it used to be funny! she had really bad feet very thick crust of hard skin which was cracked and had to have it done every so often to keep on top as it grew so quickly.this was on her feet & very rare it runs in her daughters too who are still young.

my grandad also had one and they used to ride side by side at the seaside together both not here now but they both passed in 2008 within 6 wk of one another.

i often think about the scooter (mazarati) we used to call them, and amazing too. but i still drive and could not do without as i can walk house to car and any further i seize up i am 43 . my Dr's is but 50 yards if that from my house i can see out side my door,, i always drive there. I had to walk the other week as had an ear infection so took my stick yet i refused to use as think i can do it but i tend to lose balance and seize up too, its in the bum cheeks both and tops of both my legs are not brilliant weak and lifting my legs when walking up stairs too is hard as i trip up them so i really feel for you doing what you do and believe this scoooter will be a true trooper for you and give you a new lease of life to get about more too and because you say it is so easy to fold up et that is even better.

i want a little trolley on wheels a 3 wheeler with a basket and the breaks to walk about it it comes to it as my customer has one and its great!! i have a 2 tier trolley on wheels for carrying food from room to room from Social services which is great when my family are not here.

i am so happy for you that you feel from one extreme to another as nothing worse than feeling that you are lost and what can you do and being stuck and dependant on others all the time.

big hugs and as always a long reply from me eeek

caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Wendy and Caroline for your answers, will let you know how I get on with it.

Lynne x


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