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Best forum ever - thank you

Just want to say this forum is my best friend and most useful medicine ever!

Whenever I feel low and sad, lonely or in pain I log on here.

There is always someone on line to chat with. Almost instant replies and always helpful, kind replies. Whoever started this forum up, or whosever idea it was a gentle fibro pat on the back.

I don't know what id do without you all

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Me too Lucy, I have found this to be the most friendly forum I've come across. The way people give careful and understanding advice is lovely and it feels like a real family. I really appreciate the work that the mods do, which is great, but also appreciate the work of the volunteers VG and Moffy give, day in day out, despite what they are going though themselves, they come here and give such support and good advice, I for one value their input no end. When good advice is needed they give it, and with their more humorous blogs lift my spirits, taking my mind off pain and whatever else is going on in my life.

Thank you both VG and Moffy, you deserve medals for your work here !!

Muchly. Foggy x


Awwww Lucy I feel the same about this place,where would we be without it?xxx


Here here!!!


I totally agree after trying two other fibro forums before I found this one .. There are always people around and the people are very friendly ... Still having fibro fog problems as this is the first thing I replied to today and I forgot to press submit...

Glad you enjoy it here Lucy and foggy thank for your lovely comments... Long may this forum continue :)

VG x


I'm really glad you're benefiting from it. :)

FWIW this community was set up by the FibroAction team (the platform is provided by HealthUnlocked). FibroAction is a national charity raising awareness of Fibro:


Thank you so much, I really benefit from the contact and the knowledge here, what you have built is a very efficient resource and I for one am very grateful, :-) :-)

Foggy x


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