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Morning all!

Have been to the shops already,I have to go early these days as I can't cope when it's busy. I feel quite nauseous today so I'm lying on the sofa with duvet and dogs. What is everyone else up to today? It's actually stopped raining here in Wiltshire and the sun has come out. My kids have gone to their dads for the weekend so I'm going to chill after a stressful few weeks.

Happy birthday Saskia if you read this :) xxxxx

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Hi Teddysmum have a gentle relax do you the world of good. I am still recovering from bug which swept my voice away so not top notch today. The gardens damp so cannot venture out actually feeling bit down and achy there is a surprise still never mind I am sure I will pull myself to gether soon.

Rest well xgins


Morning :) I'm a bit like you, can't cope with anything busy, get sensory overload.I'm supposed to have 4 half hour rest periods daily but only manage to fit 2 in most of the time. Was fairly sceptical to begin with but they do help. I also have a selection of relaxation/guided visualisation cd's on my ipod which are brilliant and I feel relaxed and calm afterwards, maybe that could help you ? .I try to make use of rest periods and visualisation daily so that I'm not only using them when I feel bad, but use them when I'm coping too. Apologies if I'm telling you something you already know :)


Gins hope you're feeling better soon nothing like a bug to make you feel a bit down.Fyrefly I have tried visualisations,relaxation and I'm terrible I keep forgetting to do it but I do take regular rest periods throughout the day,I couldn't cope otherwise. Just been for a drizzly walk with the dogs,am trying to get used to my biggest dog not being here,it's rather strange without her,still feel guilty for rehoming her but I had no choice really,now she's gone I'm wondering how on earth I coped for the last three years. Right off to play a few games now. Does anyone else play on fb? I play words free,bubble witch saga and candy crush. I'm stuck on a level in candy crush and it's driving me potty!


I play bubble witch saga and candy crush but I am not on fb

I think they are great



Hi Teddysmum,

Thank you for your good wishes for my birthday. It is very sweet of you to think of me.

Glad you are managing to chill out with your lovely dogs for company. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Sorry to hear about the nausea. Is it due to the stress of your trip to the shops?...or might you have a bug?

I hope you are feeling a bit better now.

Take care, Comforting hugs Saskia XX


Hi thre TM you rest easy and don t do a thing apart make a cuppa or 2 if need be.

i know the nausea feeling so best off just not eating anything that will upset it more.

have you had it long? spoken to Dr or taking anything for it?

i find only by asking though or seeing pharmacy.. well i am a little naughty however unknowingly i take motilium which is a help or take a sea leg .

but it depends on your meds and mixing , i try sometimes looking up interactions but i am not a professional at alll.

The thing with motilium is you are not supposed to take if you are on lansoperazole and i am but i found i had no effects, instead i went to Dr and gave me zantac on top for the sickness and that has given me some real discomfort and pain.

Ginger biscuits is safe i think ;-) xx take care i caroline xxx


Thanx guys. I've had a horrible afternoon :( just felt so low,went to bed and had some awful nightmares woke up crying out. So much for me chilling out. This pigging bloomin illness.

Saskia have you had a nice day Hun? How's your wrist doing?

Caroline I take buccastem for the nausea I haven't had it much lately but it's come back in the last week,I suspect it's to do with all the stress.

I'm also feeling really lonely,sometimes I do wish I had a partner but I was so traumatised by both my husbands I don't feel I could trust any man again even if they were nice. They would have to have the patience of a saint to cope with me. I just don't have the energy but I really don't want to be on my own forever. Seeing my ex last week was so difficult,set the nightmares off again. Am feeling really fragile again :(


I had my 15 month old grandson stay the night while mum and dad had a deserving night out. He is the best baby ever but I still find it very tiring today. Taking him home about 10 this morning, then a relaxing day. Partner will probably cook the roast today.


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