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Early Morning hands as usual being their claw like unresponsive yet tingeling selves, I know it is a mixture of fibro and carpel so we

should call it carfbrel or some such. Warm water soaking tried now just sitting reading all the bloggs. Later this morning they will become more normal, actually threaded a needle yesterday and started to make a rag dolly for my Grand daughter.

I am finding that since my trip away my hips are responding acutely - I could have said they are just d////d sore . It is not so bad when I sit but weight bearing is horrid, Today I am visiting Grand daughter and then going to test drive a mini - me in a mini is a contradiction in terms- but we will see.

I hope you all have a really good day today guys and for those of you who manage to get to a remembrance service my heart and thoughts are with you. Least we forget.


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Morning gins ,,,, my hands are the same as tours so you have my sympathies, as I am bleeding rather a lot ATM will post more later... Safe to say I KNEW my hands were unresponsive so my accident was totally my own fault.

VG x


Morning VG what have you done I do dope you are OK Hugs (((((((((((())))))))))))xgins


My hands are just like this most mornings,they have been quite bothersome today very sore and twitchy!xx


Morning I hope they are not too bad today. Mine are miss behaving again I have tried all sorts but in between using computer I wave them about a bit like semaphore to try and open the nerve ways in wrists some times it helps (shrugs) have a good day xgins


I've just had the nerve conductivity tests on my hand, I expected it to come back negative and be put down to fibro like most things , but it actually came back I had severe carpal tunnel syndrome, so I'm now just waiting for the op.

i know it's a very common op, but it's the hand that I use my stick in to support my other hip, so I won't be able to go out until it's healed. I can't wait to get it sorted out.

unusually when you wake with your fingers fist like ver night you know you have had a lot pain during the night. t happens with my teeth too. have worn them down on one side through grinding them overnight! I understand how you are feeling xx


I've been sleeping with wrist splints on as advised by my physiotherapist, I have to say its not very comfortable and my hands are still stiff, painful and swollen when I wake up but it has reduced the morning pins and needles. She thinks I have carpel tunnel going on but its affecting my whole arm. I've been using this arm for my walking stick for years as I don't have a huge amount of use of the other arm. Hospital gave me crutches a few weeks back and while its helped the back/hip pain a little to be walking straighter and more balanced, the pain in my hands and arms is so bad that I can't get very far.


Oh how I hate waking up with tingling claws, it drives me insane. The first thing I need to do on waking is use my COPD inhalers, no chance lol. I end up sitting there shaking my hands up and down trying to breath life into them so I can breath life into my lungs. What a sorry sight, has my lot in stitches every morning. They go by shouting byeeeeee, see you later, and without fail I shout back that I am not going anywhere I am trying to prolong my life. So I feel for you hun xxxxx


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