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Fibro mites in Wells?

I'm 60, whoops no 61, new to Wells, Somerset. Are there any other fibro/ ME sufferers nearby who would like to meet up over coffee?

A couple of fibro people are meeting up at Pickwicks in Wells this Tuesday,12th march at 10am, come along. I don't know the people I'm meeting so you wouldn't be odd one out.

I want to see if there is a need for a Wells meet up /support group. I know it's short notice but come if you can.

Cobweb. Xx

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Hi cobweb,

I have happy memories of Wells - that was my 'stamping ground' as a student! :)

Just a suggestion - maybe you could advertise your meeting on your local Gumtree - that would probably bring in a few people to help you form a group! There's still time to possibly get some more support.

Congrats on making such a positive and helpful move.

Love from Moffy x


i dont live in wells but i do live in Somerset i visit wells to go to the ME clinic there xx


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