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Hi Everyone, How are you all?? or is that a silly question!!!! I havent been on to right a blog for some time now. I have been on now and again to read some of your blogs and questions, i just felt I needed some space for a while but doesnt mean that i wasnt thinking of you all.

I have been back to work now for 7 months after being phased back in and things were going not to bad I felt that i could manage it. But the last couple if months I have went back onto my tablets again and taking painkillers. I really didnt want to go back onto the tablets due to the weight gain but didnt really have a choice.

I was back at the docs yesterday as i have had severe pain in my lower back and could hardly move. I couldnt even drive there yesterday and knew it was more than my normal FM and I was right i have got sciatica and signed off for 2 weeks!!!!!

Take Care All

Jo xx

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Congrats on getting back to work , and then struck down with sciatica bahh .... Take care and hope you feel better soon

VG x


Well done, Jojo - I'm sure it's just a temporary set-back! Make sure you take plenty of rest, so that your sciatica gets better!

Moffy x


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