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Usful Reading I posted this as a answer but think YOU ALL should read it !!!!!

All of you need to read a documents ESA214 June2011...(Descriptor Values) and Revised WCA Handbook MED-ESAAR2011-001

It's hard reading but stick to it . It's the ATOS bible and makes interesting reading......especially this paragraph

Page 25, and I quote,

(A task must also be completed reasonably. If a person can complete a task but suffers significant pain or distress in doing so, they should be considered incapable of the activity.)

as suffers of fybromyaligia are in pain all the time we have to make it clear to all who ask the question...WE ARE IN CONSTANT PAIN.....please look up these documents and read's our only chance to win our battles is to use their own ammunition against them !!!!!

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Thanks, Rosaan! As you say it's a big chunk of reading, but worth it for the information!

Moffy x


It's not easy reading, but they do that on purpose , if they made it to easy for every one to fight their corner, they would't see the numbers of people claiming going down and thats all this is about is 'numbers'. I intend to keep fighting and turning there own words against them until I get what I know I should be intitled too.


Makes interesting reading x


Do you have a link to it please? X


I'll try and find it for you....


try this link ......


This is the link for the Descriptor scores.....


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