ME isn't all in the mind, but it's still a mystery -- newspaper article -- you may like to read this!

Hi All -- Yesterday in The Daily Telegraph there was an article about ME (CFS) by Dr Charles Shepherd who is medical adviser to the ME Association but also has ME himself. If you get the chance to read it -- it is really interesting -- he explains that his technique for dealing with it is "pacing" -- a technique which involves listening to your body to find the right balance between rest and activity -- he goes swimming and walking but within the limits of what he can do (I also do these!) I believe that ME and Fibro are closely related (and may even be the same condition as lots of their symptoms overlap) and so the treatment of them is maybe similar. Do read it if you get the chance! xx

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  • Here is a link to the article

  • that's very interesting. Thanks for sharing it :D

  • Very interesting..i am going to show my hubby.Thank you :) xx

  • As my Grandson has M.E. I found the article very interesting, particularly as his GP is nagging him to do graded exercise. Basically refusing to support him anymore if he doesn't do it. So here we are with him walking the puppy with me for 20 mins a day......he is shattered but determined to carry on so that he looks like a zombie next time we go on 17/12. We are both p....d off! Where did 'listen to your body' go?'

  • I think listen to your body went the same way as the Prime Ministers brain. Quick, follow that brain lol(hope you prove your GP wrong on this) xxxxx

    I am just going to read it now xxxxx

  • Hi Cat53 -- Sorry to hear about your grandson -- are you able to print off a copy of the Telegraph article? Then you could take it along to the GP and show them (in fact get him/her to read it whilst you are there!!) when you next go. If walking the puppy for 20 mins is too long for him then maybe try 2 smaller walks of 10 mins twice a day (I walk our dog for about 15mins three times a day! --it works well for me) I make the "pacing" technique work for me -- I have mentioned in previous blogs a great website with a booklet that you can download about "pacing" -- -- maybe your grandson may like to read it.

  • I think I do have ME/CFS but I am finding it hard to get my GP to commit. I told my GP I can hoover through on Monday and I will be on my knees Wednesday because I feel exhausted. Tried to explain to him 'yes the fibro gives me pain whilst I am doing housework, but the exhaustion comes suddenly arounf teo days later'. I am going to try and bring it up again in the New Year. I do not particularly want it but I do need answers before I literally run myself into the ground xxxxx

  • 'around two' I am having a bad day :(

  • Thanks for all your help. Yes I have cut out the article to take to the doctors, the CAB and his tribunal on 10/12. Yeah we are going through that ridiculous pantomime too!

  • Thanks for that link it was very helpful as i too suffer with ME aswell as Fibro,how lucky we all are.Take care all and keep positive.

    soft gentle hugs to all((((((())))))


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