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Around the world in 80 days !

Around the world in 80 days !

Hey, Wouldn't it be nice to jump on a cruise liner and travel the world ?!

If you could be Phileas Fogg for a day and visit one place, one amazing natural wonder & do one memorable thing. What would it be ?

I would go to Kenya on Safari , go see the Northern Lights and I'd love to swim with dolphins!

On the subject of travel, have any of you got a holiday planned this year?

Are you off to warmer climes,a UK holiday or a break to visit family for a special occasion maybe?

For those who are travelling whether it be by car, rail or jetting off somewhere, here's some tips from the FibroAction website that may be of help:

So, why not tell me all about your fictional Phileas Fogg adventures and the ones you actually may have planned for 2013 !

Look forward to your comments

Emma :)

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Can I be awkward... Well did you really expect anything else from me... For one day I would love to go back in time to the 1930s and spend the day immersed in the furniture clothes and architecture...... Without my OH who already complains our house is too Art Deco

VG x


I've got an old wardrobe in the back bedroom we could immerse you in.

[and lose the key! chuckles evily :D ]


If its Art Deco I am on my way.... If it the one that leads to Narnia .. That would be the perfect place for a talking fish....;)


I'll go to Venice, please - went there in 2011, and it was the most wonderful experience, I can't wait to return!



Ooooh Gins met her OH in Venice..... So that's why you want to go back......

Helen xxx


my second two are the same as yours,

but I can't pick between copenhagen [wonderful] or disneyworld in florida.

I would love to go on a scandinavian cruise.



Snap !! It was 50/50 between Disneyworld Floria & Safari !!


sings "the northern lights are in my mind..."

can I go now? pleeeeeze, puleeeeeeeeeze


Hands San a one way ticket.. Please take it

Mwahhahahaaha :)



you're not going to visit narnia now.

sulks :(


I'm off to Mauritius again. I would like to go and do an Antipodean safari to see koalas, kangaroos and penguins in their natural habitat. I'd then like to visit the Iguazu Falls between Argentins, Brazil and Paraguay.

I hope to be going to Plymouth to visit the family again.


OMG! Why did you post this. You have started me on this terrible road. I love cruising. Went on a Caribbean cruise for my honeymoon in 2008, then spent Xmas/New Year 2010/2011 cruising for my daughters 30th birthday. Hubby & I constantly talk about another cruise. We would love to take a month long cruise from Southampton and visit every single caribbean island along the way. Unfortunately this dream is slipping further and further away, with me not earning the big bucks I used to and hubby unemployed. Oh well, out comes the video's again.


I'll skip the cruise if that's OK - I get sea sick walking through a deep puddle. I'd hop on a plane and go to the islands around the Great Barrier Reef. Saw them on the Thorn Birds series and been longing to go ever since. Would visit Ayers Rock too, preferably when nobody else was about so I could just sit and watch the colours change (obviously a dream sequence here re being able to sit comfortably in one position for longer than a nanosecond) x


I would love to o back to rome .. Or victorian times in london ... My dream would be to employ someone to arrange for me to see all the big festivals around the world .. Instead will be going to the isle of Wight xx


me too on a kgb deal - hope we don't arrive by submarine at dawn!


Take care-- the Chinese are building Titanic 2, sponsored by an Aussie billionaire. It's due to take it's maiden voyage in 2016, Southampton to New York.

I kid you not!

Cheers, Midori


This is another great question.

I too would love to swim with dolphins, so I'm coming with you!

Then I'll be off to explore Yosemite national park, and finally a bit of relaxing in Hawaii.

Ahhhh - time for a lottery ticket I think :-)


Ooh ohh me too! Me too! I want to go to all the places you've all mentioned!! Plus matchu pitchu. (Think that's spelled wrong). Oh and any greek island, but not too near the nightclubbing bits. Went to Rhodes last year and loved the ruins. Amazing.


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