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Hi i run burton invisible illness social support group i myself have FMS, OA,RLS,TMJ etc etc , we run weekly meeting in burton upon trent as well as facebook we have i recon just about every condition all welcome to come to our meetings and are oftern hooked up to our tens machines as we talk on facebook. we like to make new friends as i believe it doesnt matter where in the world we are we are ALL in pain and you never no, someone might have something that helps at least one of us. so we agree with info sharing and i have a few things in our files box that we dont mind sharing with you ... warm fuzzy hugs. xx

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HI, I live just outside Burton and have been placed on the pain management programme which is due to take place at the Queen's Medical Centre. Are you a part of this? I do not have the dates yet so not sure if they coincide with your group. It is good to know we're not alone.xx


no but met most of my mates there we can be found on face book link above or every tuesday betweenn 11 and 2 at queen st community center please feel free to vist in persoon or fb there are a few who live out of town and we try to enourage car share where we can xxx


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