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Definitely not in my head !!

Well hi all i thought id do a little experiment . As I've had new symptoms going on an my Gp is saying ,

( like a parrot i might ad )

It the meds well its not showing in your bloods thats the fibro .

( u know the fibro that hasn't bean Officially diagnosed as I haven't had the paperwork from your Rheumatologist . The one i saw January the first whats it being brought by snail mail ?)

Ive slowly come of all my pain relief an ive bean of 2 days . An as he keeps saying go back to work ??? The work he told me to give up because of my back ?? It will do you good to get out it just makes you worse staying in .

I thought right so of all my meds except my Inhaler I need to be able to breath at least . I went a walk round town yesterday with the family of course!!

As i have no sticks because i don't need them they will make me weaker an more reliant on them. I held on to a member if family each taking terns bless them as i dragged an i Empathise dragged my sorry ass round town . My goal was to go from one bench to the next rest than move on .

Lots was achieved the hole family got to see how an what i could do an i did to . We Laugh if nothing else . the old woman heading towards me at 60 mile an hour expecting me to move out the way because I'm young 45 lol an then sending me spinning into a display in a fames chemist ??that hurt an my youngest had a few words an i didn't stop her for one's ??to the man in the buggy that ran it into the back of my legs cus he was in a hurry an couldn't i move quicker no was my answer . ( if i get that Ignorant shoot me) all Laughable after the event. The sad bit was i was in agony the whole time an as much as i was smiling stif upper lip an all that plus the grandchildren thought it was a game bit like Musical benches but without the music haha gota smile bless them ??.

It made me realise its not in my head its not the meds I'm in agony because there is something wrong now weather its coming from my back my Arthritis or the fibro More i don't know but I do know something its not in my head as without the meds that was the only bit not doing to bad .

So perhaps we can agree on that bit mr Gp ,i Graciously gave in and let them Fetch car to me in the end , but i did 1.1/2 hours out rest an go an i gave it my all . On getting home the girl's put me in pj's an bed one cuprofen & 1 tramadol was taken an i don't remember a thing till 6 last night when the godforsaken twitches woke me up. I feel like I've bean run over today ive got up tryd to stretch it out an potter but my legs are shot wont do as there told an got shakes from hell .

Ive not taken my meds I'm contemplating wether to suffer in silent make an Emergency appointment at my GP so he can see me like this but will he care an will it achieve anything ? Or go to A&E an say my GP is a Twit can you help ? .

But before all that i need the toilet mishen in itself an a nap after righting this as i think i may sleep Easier knowing that it's not all in my mind or Side effects of my drugs.

Xxxkugagirl xx

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The twitching sounds like fibro... I am guessing you have been told you have arthritis... So I have to agree your GP is a twit and needs to be ignored and get yourself to see another one at the surgery or change surgeries completely.

Learning from past mistakes I always ask for a copy from whoever I see at hospital appts as the last one I went to I had to give to my GP to make a copy from for his records as they forgot to send my GP a copy.... If the pain gets really bad and you can get to a&e ...go... Please don't suffer any longer.... I am 48 on two sticks and a mobilty scooter though not at the same time... Though it is an idea in the snow. Cross country mobility skiing. Any way I am waffling, please find a GP with a brain and get yourself the correct treatment

VG xx


Totally agree - go to A&E and tell them your GP is an idiot!

We would all feel much better if we could go out and get a job - the question is, HOW?

What do some of these people use for brain cells?

Hope you manage to find a more sensible doctor!

Moffy x


I agree. Don't suffer in silence. It'll only make things worse x


Thanks , im on waiting list for 2 other GP's so fingers crosed . An yes ive made my mind up im going hospitol if the pain doesent subside xx


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