Pain in my head

Morning all, I was diagnosed a few months ago with fibro. And I am managing quite well with the pain and fibro fog!! But for a few weeks I have been getting quite a few headaches,and a sort of "tugging"sensation above my right ear and up towards the temple. This comes and goes,but the doctor says it,s nothing to worry about. BUT it IS really worrying me,anyone else had this,as GP also said it MIGHT be to do with my neck and the fibro?

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  • Love your moniker by the way.. I have spondilosis and have had a similar sensation many times which last perhaps a few days or a week is has usually coincided with my neck being especially bad have you found this connection?x

  • Hi love,iv got I pingement ofthe shoulder and now cervical spondilosis ,which has given me vertigo ,quite scary,I'm on some tabs to correct that,I get headaches at the back of my head too,I think that it's the nerve endings that's the prob Hun,iv been in ab agony

  • I have too, just been dx with degenerative disc disease. Very painful headaches and tighten7ng of my scalp

  • Hi,

    I suffer this (diagnosed with FM/CFS/ME, Atrophy Thyroid, Micro pituitary adenoma).

    Its like a line of pain at the same time a strong tugging sensation.

    I also have some spinal issues (neck c spine & lumbar & degenerative discs).

    I have poor, fluctuating mobility, pain, rushing, problem temperature control, vision changes, extreme fatigue, poor mobility,digestive issues etc etc etc.


  • I also have neck/spine problems and have been having vertigo and headaches recently, been taking Rhus Tox (Amazon) and Duloxetine and together they have eased things a little, also got Betahistine from the GP for the vertigo but haven't tried it yet.x

  • Hi Yes i also have a stabbing pain that shoots across my head it can last for days Ihave been the doctores a few times with it. and ha eye tests done all the GP says is its the fibro but is still worrys me xxx

  • Hi Iamatmywitsendnow

    I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I must admit that I do have something similar and it leaves me with very bad migraines.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi. I get a lot of headaches but I find that co-codamol usually shifts it. Sometimes the headaches won't go and it gets that bad that I am almost seeing double or it hurts to try and keep my eyes open I then just try to grin and bear it.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, it,s makes me feel less anxious about it,now I,ve "spoken " to you all. I,m gonna try to just ignore it!!!!! :-)))). Hope you all have a good day.

  • Hi i have this and it came the first time I had a bout of TMJD (temporo-mandibular-joint dysfunction) but I have this tugging feeling left on the left side of my face all the time - thanks for describing it because I haven't been as successful as you at saying exactly how it felt, I called it pulling but tugging is a better word. And also a tendency to headaches on that side of my head. I wear a frame in my mouth which was made by a specialist dentist who deals with TMJ - a tiny one that fits over my front teeth for daytime which I wear as needed, and a larger one that I wear at night. People with fibro are far more susceptible to TMJ problems. Maybe mention it to your dentist???

  • ps mouthframes absolutely take away all face pain, don't know how but it's just magic! x

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