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Good Things

The last couple of months have been quite tough for me personally with lots of stuff happening in my real life that is not good. As a result I have allowed my normal optimistic self to disappear. But today I see signs of her imminent return, and I have decided to count my blessings. I would love to hear what good things other people have in their lives, that they count as their blessings.

Here are some of mine:

My family - especially my children. Although grown up, they will always be kids to me, but actually they are loving, caring, responsible, creative adults, and I am proud to have them in my life.

My work - which has been one of the main things keeping me sane in the last three months! It is different every day, and I get to meet interesting people and talk about anything and everything with them!

This forum, and all you lovely fibromites - which has also helped to save my sanity - I have laughed, cried, and ranted - all good for the soul.

What are yours?

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Morning Kaz well done you I count my blessings daily . I have a OH who grows old along side of me. I have loving faithfull dogs who I adore and they adore me back. My children grandchildren my friends who are few but faithful. My Fibro friends who daily make me smile - laugh - cry and who I would not be without.

Since I have had to give up work because of my back and Fibro life has changed dramatically but all my friend have helped me survive through the days when pain is grim. My sanity has often be saved by my fibro friends who understand what we are going through.

Thanks to you all keep smiling try hard to be very positive it helps hugs xgins


Hi Kaz,

For me it's family every time!

My three children - all grown up now, but still my babies. They do make me so proud - it's great to watch them succeed - and a privilege to mop their tears when they don't!

All the lovely people here are a blessing. I've never met any of them, but I still count them as friends, and all the people I meet at my part-time voluntary work - friends also!

We have much to be thankful for despite our pain, so it's good to think on that and smile! :)

Moffy x


Havent given up yet still thinking.........


Oh I like posts like this. I have decided enough is enough and am working on getting the old me back,no actually a new improved me! Must be the spring in the air.

My blessings obviously my two amazing kids,my dogs,my house,my friends,this place!

Ali xxx


My family

My sons growing success

My best friend

This forum not just for the info but for the friends I have made

VG x


Hi Kaz

i went looking for myself , i looked in the mirror but the woman was much older than me , and the 1 day of sun has bleached my hair roots white again , now who she is i don't know but she is always there watching me ha ha ha

My family are my life, they keep me going , we help each other out meaning i have lots of time with my Grandchildren and Mums

Take care xx


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