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What's your favourite fibro gadget?


The fibro and arthritis in my hands makes styling my hair properly with a big round brush really difficult these days. My boyfriend bought me one of those Big Hair hairstylers and I have to say it's just brilliant. It has a rotating barrel so it does all the hard work for you, I'd recommend to anyone who also struggles with holding and manoevering brushes. This got me to wondering has anyone else come across gadgets that help make life with fibro that little bit easier?

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my favourate gadget i cant say 1 i have a few but my 1st is my laptop so i can keep in touch with ppl 2nd is an electric can opener and freezer and microwave as i can freeze meals and then nuke them when imm not feeling good and i dont struggel to open cans of food for my little dog

gentle hugs to all


hi how thoughtful i have jus bought a thing that helps me open jars bottles how exciting lol love to you diddle x

mine is my electric can opener to.. also my netbook which is not working at moment, as it is very light on my legs and easy to lift. at moment i am using my sons lap top.. my god its heavy lol.. hope ur all ok today xx


well I am sitting in mine, lol its a craftmatic bed and hey presto press a button have a massage press another lift up your feet ect ect love it I can sit in loads of different hights to suit, my pain comfort needs so this my best gadget

Hands down- my favourite Fibro gadget is my sleep number bed! No matter how I feel, I can change my bed to make it comfortable for me. My second favourite Fibro gadget is my home-made rice pack. My mom showed me how to make them & they are great! The heat they give off is so much more therapeutic for me than a regular heating pad. :)

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