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Another Tribunial

I have just phoned the dwp regarding my ESA ,I am in the work related group and seven months ago asked to be placed in the support group , They said they have sent my appeal to the tribunial ! Does this mean i will have to attend , I went to one 2 weeks ago and won my dla appeal but I Cannot face that again , The thought of going through it all is making me feel more ill and anxious than ever They made me feel like a criminal on a murder case left me in floods of tears I am only just recovering from that one and Cannot put myself through that again

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the fact u won dla appeal will help esa appeal i had my esa appeal in nov it went well i only had 2 people there and they had decided i would win my appeal to go in support group befor i went in the room they just wanted to hear in my own words how i was affected it only took 10 mins thet were very nice and the docter pointed out as i got full mobility dla i should be in support group esa so dont give up thats what they want


I get high rate mobility DLA lin and I'm in the WRAG!! Should I appeal? I'm scared to in case they stop my money altogether!! XX


I would Appeal Sue ! I also get high rate mobility some days i cant walk or even get out of bed ,I know i would never be able to hold done a job its worth a try x


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