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HI to everyone who replied to my question SHOOT ME NOW.... the DWP lady has just rang me and said that she recieved my letters yesterday and now it will be sent to the decision makers to decide wether they will use the original ATOS REPORT!!! stunned!! and if they dont then i will have to have another medical by another ATOS doctor!!!!...ermm i just said ok,,because what else can we say? friend [who is dissabled] says that they probly have to say that,and that they will probly just pass me on the evidence they not confedent in that happening but we are tied as what else can we do??? anyway the lady from DWP said she will ring me when they have come to a dessision...i think she is quite involved with the dessision makers as she gave me her private number direct to her personal i will keep that and pester the life out of her if nessasary!! lol..i will keep you all posted thanks again xxx

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Ohhh fingers crossed for you!

It does not always go the way wanted straight away and

Takes more than one attempt

Xxxxxx keep us updated

Caroline xx


hi..this has been going on since 2010!! lol but i will keep on and one day it will happen xxx


its a long time!

do you have all your medical paper work and your Dr's support on everything too .

They will prolong anything sometimes got to really be on their backs.

have you asked CAB to help you at all ?

my medical issues have been going on since 2010 too but i not applied for anything apart a blue badge (which was awarded) and SS with help with outside rails which was good service.

apart that i not applied as being self employed never thought i could until some one said i have every rite !

so still i have to do it and time is ticking away.

please ring them tomoro and let us know how gone if you can can inbox if you need to chat too .

i cannot really give an answer to what will happen and i am sorry but i am here to listen and try help if i can xxxxxxxx caroline xxx


hi,thank you x....yes CAB filled my last form in ...for DWP to re look at my care needs..i sent everything eg;docs letter..mental health nurse letter etc...i have covered every thing ..i think! lol....its just a waiting game till DWP lady rings ,as she said she would...when she said that the decission makers might use original medical assesment i laughed!..i said how can they when ATOS have apologised for their mistakes!!..its all red tape but sounds so flippin daft when they come right out and say it! i think she will ring me before weekend but then they are a law to themselves...IF i have to have another medical i am going to ask for a home visit,they dont like that,as its out of their comfort zone..i have just ordered a voice recorder..[a small one,designed like a car key! LOL} so i can record everything,plus i am going to be in bed!...i must say all that i have gone through has made me stronger and also i have learned the hard way exactly what to say and NOT say! xxxx


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