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God news methinks!!!

I was watching the bbc 1 o'clock news today and there was a report on that ATOS want to close their contract early because they are fed up how bad their their employees are being treated and abused on a daily basis!!!! WHAT????!!,from my experience it's the other way round ATOS abuse us!!! And we are just expected to put up with it,it's ok for them to abuse us and stress us out to the max but when the shoe is on the other foot it would seem they can't cope!!! Ahhh didums say I!!!!

As well as good riddance to bad rubbish(plus a few expletives that I am far too much of a lady to say!!!!)

Another thought perhaps we could give them all at ATOS a send off ,tie them all to a rocket and light the fuse!!!!

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Agreed .perhaps they now realise what its like to be in the front line. Up to a point I feel for the staff, they don't set the rules, but neither do they have to enjoy enforcing them do savagely. I missed the item so I'll try again at 6. Was it related to the protest?


It`s on the bbc news web site


D'oh :P


Hi all

Just hope that they pay some of the tax they have swindled out of the british taxpayer as well as a reduction in the bonuses they are bound to get.

Take care and kindest regards



Think on that score we have more chance of plaiting fog (as my dear old nan used to say!!) than that happening!!


A classic case of projection, methinks. BUT never forget that Atos are just the overpaid stooges, it's the DWP who make the policies and the rules. The DWP have got off scot-free and will no doubt be preparing to hide behind the next stooges aka G4S, Serco, Crapita or whoever gets the contract. Others have said that it's only so Atos can concentrate on PIP. So I am sceptical about it all.


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