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Is this a con or cure ?

Ive bean looking like we all do for things that may hellp with my condishens .

I have this lady that keep insisting that Aloe Vera Gel when drank can litchrelay cure me . As this lady sells this produced im bery weary .

Sge gave me a free sample years ago but it made me sick , she said to Persevere with it but as i then would of had to by this product an its not cheep an haven't got cash to Waste i desided against it .

She has now sent me a so called Testimonial from a lady with Fibromyalgia syndrome that has taken this an now feels a lot better .

Has anyone tride this ? Has it Worked or not or is it just another scam ?

Kugagirl xx

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I would be wary of anyone promoting a cure especially when they are not using it themselves ..and as it previously made you sick I would steer clear of it... Please don't waste money on something that has made you sick, and there is no cure for fibro just patches of remission

Hope that helps,

VG x


On reading the document she has sent with this letter it states that this is not a cure but a health tonic that one taken if stopped will make symptoms come back with a vengeance :( .

I know tjis is the same as any of the drugs we take day to day painkillers ect but you know can always have access to those . What if you take this it helps then you carn't afford it get it ? Or get access to it .

She also says that to take it in a drink as it made me sick because i was drinking it neat an it tastes vile !

A still undecided if i had the funds to pay for it !

Kugagirl xx


It's a scam, it's awfully expensive and it doesn't work.

I swallowed gallons of the stuff when my friend was selling it, and it did me no good at all.

They do a face cream which is very good, tho'! Aloe vera does seem to be a nice skin treatment, but I don't think it helps with anything else.

I presume you're talking about 'Forever Living' products - I think that was the brand my friend sold.

Moffy x



Merely because it didn't work for you doesn't default it as a scam. Not all prescribed medications work for everyone, does that mean that paying for prescriptions that don't work is also a scam?

Forever Living's drinking gel helps thousands of fibromyalgia sufferers, some of whom I know very well; I also know a couple of people for whom it didn't work, but that's because they let the unusual flavour overpower their determination to give it the chance to work.


Yes Moffy i am thanks , ye ive used creams with it in an after sunn an as i say did try it a little yak :(

Im glad you have said that cus because of way my Gp keeps saying ho back to work an get out more you will feel better i Suppose. I thought if i could find somthing that would help me do that an maybe feel bit better . Im obligated to try it .

I know something work for some an not others but they say this will fix everything surely if thats right you'd get it on the NHS .

Think I'm just at the grasping at straws stage . So thanks again for the back up in the bin it goes Kugagirl xxx



Aloe Vera has proven healing properties, for example in treating burns etc. The drink is made from aloe vera juice, and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. The 'medicinal' properties can also help to soothe your gut, and can aid digestion and absorption of other food. Forever Living products are all highly priced - partly because they use high quality ingredients, and partly because they are sold on a MLM scheme which means that there is a very high profit margin in order to be able to pay a percentage not just to the person who sells to you, but to every level of manager above them!

Taken regularly, it is likely to help you feel better, but no more so than taking anything else that helps your digestive system, and provides a good vitamin and mineral supplement. And there are many ways that you can acheive that effect without spending so much money, and without making yourself sick! So while it is not exactly a scam, nor is it any kind of miracle cure. And if it is outside your budget, then I would give it a miss and look for other ways of getting the same effect.

Hope that helps




I swear by aloe Vera gel for Sun burn or even after being exposed to the sun, especially if it is kept in the fridge. It is always good for some other skin irritations.

My mum tried H&B's version of the juice a couple of years ago for diverticulitis. It helped a little but not enough to sustain the cost or as well as other vitamins and minerals available for the stomach and healthy eating and cutting out certain irritant foods.


I have neighbour who pushes this stuff. I say pushes deliberately as they appear to work on a pyramid selling system and all the agents I've come across are very insistent and she is particular makes some outrageous claims of its efficacy. Virtually every ailment you could name can be cured with one or other of their products. I agreed to give it a go and exchanged the unpleasant gunk she recommended for RA (what the medicos decided I had pre fibro diagnosis) and IBS for reflexology treatments. It soon became apparent that she was trying to recruit me to flog her stuff to my clients. When I explained I couldn't/wouldn't endorse her products as it contravenes the AOR code of ethics and my personal beliefs she suddenly decided she wasn't my new best friend and made herself scarce. Not just me either as I know a personal trainer she signed up with in an effort to recruit him. That's not to say aloe vera doesn't have some health benefits. It can be very useful topically for sun exposure etc and there is some suggestion it can help digestion, although lots of other more palatable and affordable products are available.


I also know someone who was indoctrinated by the company she worked for to sell these products. I wouldnt be forced into buying the juice to drink even though she and her company claimed it was a cure all. Ive used Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel for over 20 years for sunburn, burns and even on chicken pox spots (which it worked wonders on) but I have never drunk it. As far as I am concerned its a product for the skin, not an internal cure for anything......especially if it makes you feel sick!


I just started taking aloe juice (the inexpensive kind) and I'm amazed at how much it has helped my acid reflux and digestive issues. And I've also noticed that my inflammation levels are better over-all.


Hi I just wanted to say that the gel doesn't work for everyone and by no means is it A cure. The worst mistake an FBO can say is we have a cure. I do know however that it helps ease the pain and we always say that it has to be tried for 2 month as it's A natural based product. We also give A money back guarantee after 60 days if the customer is not happy. I have literally just started but I never tell people it's A cure and I always let people know its guaranteed to help everyone but it is great for the immune system I apologise on behalf of the FBO that gave that information It's no scam but in no means A cure either x


Sorry *it's not guaranteedto help everyone*


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