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Saturday it is isnt it- pauses - scratches head- Oh really I dont deem very awake today. I have fallen fowl of

Hay fever. I am sitting here and my face is all bunged up. I know from past experiance it will dissapear in a couple of hours. So strange!

Belting Sunshine and a blue sky that makes me think of the Mediteranian. Yes that blue. How marvelous if we have a warm day to match. We must not be to enthusiastic after all as records go this year we are getting one day of nice weather and six of grey dismal soul destroying cloudy weather.

Grass was successfully cut yesterday so today I can potter about YIPPEE! I love nothing better than pottering in the garden :)

So that is me chair at ready to sit and ponder the flower beds :) untill might mouse comes to stay for the night well she is only 18months so it will be exciting for me and her!

ENjoy your saturdays peeps xgins

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Glares at GIns ..... 2 days of nice weather ...... Pfft we had rain and gale force winds yesterday so strong they ripped the screws out of the side gate... Oh was not impressed he hates any DIY job... Well so do I ,,,,the amount of fuss he makes huffing and puffing until the job is done leaving a trail of debris behind him ..... He needs a vaccum strapped to him to to him as he goes... Sort of like a ghostbusters pack.....

Today is more of the same but at least the gate is fixed

Yours cheerfully



Oh gins, how rotten for you, I only get hay fever when someone close is mowing grass and when the farmers are making silage in the field next to my cottage. Hope you feel much better very soon. I hope the gnomes of yesterday's battle aren't strewn across your lovely garden, I hope he mowed the lawn and left nice straight lines :-)

Lucky you having lovely sun, it's a bit hazy here, sit and sap up the rays and Vit D whilst pondering. Have to plant up a couple of baskets, for some reason everything I have grown this year has flourished and I now have petunias, lobelias and cosmos coming out of my ears (as the saying goes) !! So I must get them sorted out and send some to friends, wish you were closer you could add some of mine to your collection.'s so rewarding isn't it.

Happy Saturday gins :-) :-)

Foggy x


How decorative ... If you cultivate the flowers coming out of your ears nicely it will save having to bother with your hair.. Though it may make you a trifle deaf over the summer. VG :D


WHAT DID YOU SAY ??????? :D :D :D


Sings loudly to foggy....

If you,re going to San Fran sisco be sure to wear some flowers in your ears....


SORRY COULDN'T QUITE GET THAT????............rummages about and pulls lobelias and cosmos from ears..........oooooooh that's better :D


Whats that custard in your ears no that is OH 's problem. :) xgins


Whisper to gins ... Why did you pour custard in your OHs ears..... Or does he do it himself????


He does it to himself when he thinks I am not looking you know typical OH lol xgins


if there is aso fruit in jelly and cream - he might be a trifle deaf :D


trifle deaf very good Sandra he he ood job he doesnt read this he is a touch sensitive !


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