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how do i find out about benefits

i get low rate disability and get mobility car, have been told my esa stopping this month waiting to hear about medical,sent form i 20 december not heard any thing yet, very worried about losing my home with this bedroom tax. i have had stairlift and walkin shower put in through social services, and waiting for commmode and set higher for my toilet and a bar to help me get up from bed. use to have carer ,now have to rely me son

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This info should help:



as above as lindsey has posted also do you have Onestop? if you have one in your local area i suggest asking help from there.

Can you not just ask whom your already claiming from what is going on meaning Dla since you are already receiving lower rate. or ESA ?

There is government sites but i cannot post links as not admin.

Also there is a site called spare room bedroom tax and you fill in a little form and they send you information on everything you need to know.

I hope that you get sorted and try not to worry about your home as much as easier coming from myself.

xxxx hugs caroline x


This is a guide to current benefit changes.


hi sylvia, have they told you why it's stopping?

try and see the CAB,

I don't know how old you are but I'm over 50 ans our Age Uk have advisors on certain mornings.

does your council have Welfare benefits advisors/officer who could help? or an advocacy service - that's who helped me, it comes under the wonderfully titled "advocacy for vulnerable adults" on many council lists and websites

keep in touch and know I'm thinking of you,



thank you. they told me that esa is only lasts 12 months and the goverment wants people off benefits and into work programmes.i am 59 and will be 60 in august. i will make an appointment with cab and try and talk to council welfare advisors,did not know that they had such things or people. will let you know how i get on thank you again


hate to say this but the CAB are making advisors redundant and seem to be stopping going to appeals as they havent got the staff to do so sorry


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