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Do you have to do war with the Benefits office

I really did not want to claim benefits, however my condition is such that I have had to accept that I cannot work and probably will not be able for the for see able future, so I did what others do and claimed disability. I have to say they have been quite patient with me, however it is so difficult to get them to understand that while there are days I can shuffle about like other people with mild discomfort (although what there perception of mild is, is beyond me) on a bad day I am housebound and on a really bad day I am bed bound and can be for anything up to a week.

Yet they say that because I can do things most of the time they will only pay me because I do not cook my own meals. I have never cooked my own meal, (well without burning it) and yes it is true that I darn't use the oven in case I fall over or worse forget I put something on. However that is not the worst of my problems and it seems strange that they are willing to accept that and not my lack of mobility.

Does anyone else have stories of claiming and being caught in this catch 22.

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I have just been through the joy of renewing my DLA. At first they told me I was not entitled to anything, because I could cook a meal-I cannot I didn't need help during the day-I do, I don't need help during the night0I do, I don't need help out of doors-I do and I can walk with my stick so I don't have mobility problems-Ido.

I wrote back asking for a full written reason for the decision they had reached when it contradicted everything I had put on the form and could they look at the decision again, or I wanted to go to tribunal.

In 2 weeks I was awarded middle rate personal care which is what I had been getting before but no mobility before I had been getting lower rate.

I am still in the process of deciding whether to appeal against that I have been in contact with CAB and someone is coming to see me on monday.

Keep your chin up don't let it get you down and be positive.



oh sound just like the letter i got only thay said i should sit down to cook my husband sent them a very nice letter back and thay have now sent one of there doctors and im waiting to here again good luck with your fight x


hey im also in the same situation but they wont pay me anything apparently i can cook for myself walk and do everything that normal ppl do on a good day i cant go far cos of pain i take 22 tabblets everyday on a bad day like you im house bound and bad days which are more often than not im bed bound but as i live on my own my x walked out on me for someone else i must be able to look after myself my friend comes around and cook s and prepares all myy meals i have frozen meals and iif a friend doesnt come around then i dont have a cooked meal but im having to go to tribunaral for dla and esa im moving in with a friend cos he doesnt want me to live like this but i was on full dla when my x lived with me he walked out and they stopped it after i had a medical with a physio who had no idea about dfibro so yea most of us have to fight with them to get any entitlement hope you get yours sorted soon love an gentle hugs lyn


Hi in same situation, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy twenty years ago after a series of tonic colonic seizures was in a coma for two weeks afterwards and relitives told i might suffer brain damage afterwards so i claimed DLA and was awarded low rate care still had to go to a tribuniral tho cause they didnt want to give me anything was basicaly forced to work full time cause they reckond i was fit for work .

Anyway after a gradual decline of health and eventualy diagnosed with FM by a consultant @ the pain clinic witch peeved my GP a bit! i take enough medication to tranquilize an elephant i find that work is getting more of a chore and FM getting worse i have applied again for DLA (mobility and high rate care) and have been refused and they completely disregard everything i have put on the form i have asked for it to be looked at again ,they refused and now have appealed against it they have strung this out now for 18 months which is blaitently ridiculous ( i think they think i might just get fed up!) if they refuse me again it will have to be a tribuniral again so i am having to work full time 36 hours a week but i have a realy good boss, ironicaly i work with adults with epilepsy and autism/asbergers so i do mostly clerical work not so much hands on anymore and i want to cut my hours to 16 hrs per week becuase i still need something to keep me sain but i find myself being forced into a corner to work long hours suffer longer and sometimes come home in horrific pain yet you get all the blaggers out there who play the system and win so they need a good shake and my heart goes out to you and everyone in the same situation.

just keep at them!!!!


Totally agree Marky I have the same myself I work full time unfortunately I don't have understanding employers and have been threatened on a few occasions that they will sack me. DLA is a farce those that need help don't get it and those that fake it get it all. Typical Britain living.

Keep on going tho all hugs and kisses x


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