trapped in the tv - rescue me!

trapped in the tv - rescue me!

I was cleaning the tv and fell in. I've been wandering around the channels all day but they keep switching!

one minute I'm at the rugby,and click! I'm in bonanza! click! its muffin the mule, click! the sky news!

please join me and lead me through programmes new and old until I'm out.

Click! oh it's the partridge family with the gorgeous david cassidy!


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  • I'll join you, Sandra!

    I would like to fall into Holby City so that I can drool over Guy Henry ( the one who plays Henrik Hansen).

    He is so deliciously evil - but with a soft centre - I just LURVE that man!

    Moffy x

  • kwik kwizz - who is is famous father?

  • Please tell us who he is, sandra. I'll be wondering all night otherwise!!x

  • sorry!

    henry mcgee who used to be "mr pugh" on the charlie drake show.

    [if you're young you're probably none the wiser]

  • I'd like to fall into Neighbours or Home and Away and get to Australia where it is now summer and much warmer than here with all this snow again.

  • I got to like ryan [toady] on cbb.

  • Picks herself of the floor from her swoon over delicious David and joins Sandra in liking Ryan.......all those years ago who would have thought he would turn out so well. Aahhhh

  • I want to fall into God Bless Ozzy Osbourne so I can be a a part of it. Don't forget to visit Z cars while you are in there xxxxx

  • remember snowy and jock?

  • No lol xxxxxx just remember the show theme tune

  • And Fancy Smith!

  • What were you doing cleaning you know it's bad for us fibromites...... Tut tut, I would rush to your aid but I decided to lean into my tv and see what happened.... :( .... All I got was a load of static...... they,re here.........

  • static. what did they sing!

  • Lol I guess the red onsie didn't give it away...... Poltergeist 1 ....don't go into the light Sandra..... And stay away from Your bedroom closet,,, when you get out of the TV...

  • david cassidy made my headspin :)

  • Oooo, I like this idea Sandra! I fell into the welsh rugby earlier in Italy, got wet there so have nipped over sports channels to go to SAfrica to watch the cricket and soothe my damp joints in the sunshine! Look out for me, I'll be the one with a damp daffodil round my head, but a huge smile....x

  • Good. Job you don't live in my house between OH and son constantly changing channels I would have me bum In the rugby scrum and my head giving the news :)

  • You have to visit dr who while you're there. Ask him to take you to a time when fibro is cureable :)

  • Ohhh Sandra I saw you in twitter with mother... You were perched on andy pandys swing, but by the time I got there you had flown into pogles wood, I tried to follow you but got trapped by a giant bizzy lizzzy, fortunately muffin the mule arrived and we rode round searching for you but I got distracted by the largest spotty dog I ever did see.. Hope you are safe ...

  • I had to flee - looby loo said I'd been eating crackers in her bed!

  • I flicked through a lot of channels but only saw an Australian guy rescuing a kitten from inside a wall, some hunky New Zealand policemen and their dogs (if I'd seen you there Sandra, I'd have come and joined you!) and a US film about a woman who dreamt she would die, then did - there was a very handsome hero who saved another woman from the same fate! I didn't see you anywhere so I hope you got home safe?

  • still moving around! just been in the snug in old corrie with minnie caldwell, ena sharples and martha longhurst. we were having a glass of stout when ena's grandson came in - it was davy jones!

    click! I was on songs of praise for st. davids day. If I can get to sing with aled I might get out.

  • It looks like the Wooden Tops have all got fibro!! Spot the dog in particular! None of them cam bend their knees!! I know exactly how they feel!! XXXXXX

  • What are we having for dinner today... Sawdust and hay sawdust and hay... Doesn't know whether to feel proud or embarrassed I remember some episodes so well...

  • I had great fun with willie & jenny the twins :) we tied rags over our feet and skated round over the kitchen floor!

  • Is rendered speechless in a swoon at the mere sight David Cassidy. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh. Xoxoxox for him

  • Comes out of her swoon and having been a cordon blue cook in her finer days would love to fall into a rugby scrum with Jamie, James Martin, Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux and his son, Gino whatshisfacel (foggily as ever) - being in the centre of the scrum I would be fine and not hurt because of my floating fogginess enveloping me ! hehe

  • I'd happily fall into Person of Interest and stay there. I quite like the idea of Jim Caviezel rescuing me every time I was in danger, sigh

  • it's a good programme, and me neither :D

  • I too would ike to fall into Holby City, perhaps I could have all those consultants and clever F1's to give me a cure then I could go off with naturaist Brian Cox to explore wondeful nature.

  • Ok I am going into the sky F1 channel with kimi reikonnen ... Hangs sign.... Do not disturb...

  • Dashes over ask VG how she can fail to be very disturbed by all the racket of those horrid noisy smelly cars flying around

  • I have huge earmuffs and kimi reikonnen. What more could anyone want????

  • If I was falling really really deeply back into the past I would land in Tales of The River Bank - probably no one here remembers it as fog is soooooo old. Hehe. It had Hammy Hamster, ??. Ratty Rat ?? and a Guinea Pig whose names escapes me (surprise surprise) and a lot of their voices I think we're done by Johnny Morris all floating about in toy boat on the river and there was a lovely guitar tune which goes like this lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala .................those were the days before annnimation use real animals hehe Does anyone else remember it ?

  • Oh drat, my iPad has really cute piccies but when I try to post them here they just turn up as question marks. Hhrummmpphh

  • This is a link to the music for anyone in remotest bit interested , which you're probably not, but foggy likes it anyway

  • Just had a listen. Memory lane!! I used to be besotted with Rag..Tag..and Bobtail. If only the world were as harmless as it seemed to be then....

  • Mumbles ... He was called. G. P. I used to love it

  • can hear Johnny Morris's voice saying " oh thank you" so much for the memory jog......goodness knows I need it.

  • I met Johnny Morris once he was arriving at a zoo (can't remember which one) with Terry Nutkins. I was excited about meeting Johnny and my daughter was excited about Terry.

  • was it bristol?

    my brother visited when his girls were small and thought he was having deja vu until he heard someone mention it was filmed there! :D

  • always one of my favourites! :)

  • I remember it Fibro!! I loved the theme music, and I always wondered how they got all the animals to behave so well!! XX

  • the rat was roddy.

  • Oh yes, golly you have a good memory, unlike my foggily obscured brain cell


  • yes i remember tales of the riverbank,i loved it as a kid & the woodentops,andy pandy bill&ben with little weeeeeeeeed! lol qiite a few others i think but cant remember at mo, was it watch with mother

  • rag, tag and bobtail?

  • i don't remember them,they sound like rabbitts?

  • they were.

  • I do. Im 63!!

  • The gorgeous music was Guiliani's Andante in C, played by Steve Hacket. I can remember everything from yesteryear, but not a hope of remembering anything recent

  • jump in and join me!

  • Snap! Im a child of the fifties and can recall a lot of my childhood up till about age 11. As for what I did yesterday..what I ate or idea!!!!

  • Laughs at Mal, and joins with Sandra in the happy mele of forgetfulness and her own extreme version of fogginess :-)

  • Tales of the riverbank has a lot to answer for I was so convinced that little animals did things like that I let my gerbils into my dolls house and they started chewing everything and pooing everywhere :(

  • I remember someone saying that as a child they'd gone to london zoo and been heartbroken when the elephants wouldn't talk to them. :(

    we had Thomas the tank story records with johnny morris reading them - magic!

  • I thought it was Ringo Starr that read Thomas the Tank Engine.

    Do you remember Ivor the Engine?

  • È dragon, - Cymru am byth and thanks to Oliver Postgate

  • yes on tv, the record was from the 60's.

    loved Ivor the Engine.

  • Oh right. I had Wendy Craig (?) reading the Beatrix Potter stories.

  • I loved my one of Danny Kaye singing the songs from the Hans Christian Anderson film.

  • so typically VG

  • I was sweet innocent and impressionable..... Growing up soon beats it out of you....

    VG :-/

  • couldn't argue with that if the growing up doesn't do it, then the people you meet certainly will

  • Talking of dragons, which we weren't, but I just did I immediately dragged out of my fog ridden head, one of the very best programmes to fall back into and that is the mother and I always loved this, and particularly the soup dragon, who goes....blrble blrble blrble and foggy goes on to give a recitation of clanger whistling........he he what fun on a cold Sunday evening.

  • do you eat blue string soup?

  • I most certainly do, bowls and bowls of...........yummy

  • Umm I have a mother clanger and when you press her she whistles.......

    I refuse to grow old gracefully if you ask some people on here they will say I am growing old disgracefully ... But don't listen to them ;)

  • I've got baby clanger and I've forgotten what it is but it swears - Oliver admitted itin the 90's!

  • he whistles "the bloody things stuck again"


    Oliver says:-

    One of the episodes begins with Major Clanger trying to open the big sliding doors of the main

    cave mouth. It jams and his first line is:

    "Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s stuck again!"

  • I'M OUT! I ended up in the skating and phillip schofield showed me a secret door.

  • I suggested a new series "dancing on bouncy shoes" and that's why he showed me the door.

  • Has to be grange hill. Ant and dec in their young years, so cute lol

  • dec still is, he's got a beautiful smile. :)

  • That is very true lol

  • Oh me knees and to think I used to space hop and jumping jack and skip all day go to the shops buy loads of sweets and still have change from a threepenny bit

  • a tuppenny mixture from the chippy and we took our own plate :P

  • Ohh does anyone remember the tinker belle ice cream van that used to sell ice cream in little plastic balls you opened a section ate the ice cream then washed it out put the lid on and you had a ball to play with.....

  • we didn't have that. I do remember Mr Softy.

  • no rude jokes!

  • Mr Whippy down our way.

  • Ohh does anyone remember the tinker belle ice cream van that used to sell ice cream in little plastic balls you opened a section ate the ice cream then washed it out put the lid on and you had a ball to play with.....

  • I didn't the first time! lol ! grins evily

  • Sorry I thought you wouldn't hear me the first time..... hands Sandra her ear trumpet back.... I,ve had that for ages and I have forgotten why..... Grins silently

  • i used to love David Cassidy, i had my hair done like him and had a full length poster on my ceiling over my bed, so he was the first thing i saw at night and in the

  • me too! I actually, finally, got to see him in concert a few months ago - magic :)

  • i never got to see him

  • he may come back again, he was on with leo sayer, smokie, and hot chocolate.

  • i used to have stilts when i was young, my uncle made them for me. even had some that were 6ft high, had to lean against the wall to get on

  • that's what we did too!

  • I loved David Essex and the gentle series he did as a lock keeper I think called The River. Even though he is showing his years I tuned in for when he was on Eastenders. Gorgeous!

    My childhood memories were Magpie, (like Blue Peter but more exciting) and CHIPS about the Californian Highway Patrol. Anyone remember Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? He always managed to convey in a few clicks who had fallen down the mine or got lost in the bush, so clever! (NOT)! Much the same thing with Flipper, the dolphin, we were so innocent those days.

    How about Daktari, with Clarence the cross-eyed lion, no animation, all real animals.

    I am going back to the sixties here so you may need to ask your parents!

  • I liked david essex too! I'm going to start a new thread, please copy & paste this on it. we can all reminisce.

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