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Heartburn/Trapped Wind?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if you can help me, for a while now I've been suffering with trapped wind. Last night it woke me up at 2am! I felt like I was going to be sick too. I've read somewhere that peeps with fibro can have digestive and gastro problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. Does this go hand in hand or is it something else? Does anyone else also have this problem?

Thanks xxx

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IBS is a common symptom of Fibro. However, IBS should NEVER be diagnosed without thorough testing because the symptoms are similar to so many, more serious, conditions. If you're getting digestive symptoms, see your GP about being referred to gastroenterology for testing.


I agree with Lindsey.

I had the same symptoms and was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer - fortunately easy to treat!

I'm not saying this is what you have, by any means, but it's best to check with your GP, especially since many of the medications we get prescribed can cause digestive upsets

Moffy x



I agree with what Lindsey and moffy have said about seeing your GP about this ... I had the most horrible feeling of heartburn and was sometimes sick with it.. Went to my GP and it was acid reflux.... I now take Omneprazole for it once and day and haven't suffered since .. So please check it out and hopefully it will be something really simple that can be treated easily

VG x



I had similar problems and my GP suggested reducing the amount of gluten I ate. I have limited my intake and it has helped enormously.



I've had this really really bad, it comes and goes. I don't eat late , I eat small amounts more often lay off sugar and sugary food , don't eat bread wheat and lactose for a while and try orange peel oil in tablets form ,,, they sell it on amazon it works a treat. As soon as the oil hits the stomach it turns alkaline . While its been bad I followed these steps it worked. I'm back on a little lactose in cheese and yogurt but don't have anything other I have lactose free milk and don't eat bread . I also only have natural sugars and don't have too much fruit mostly vegetables.. It's got a lot lot better I even had bad gurd and terrible irritable bowel . Awful wind, burping and hiccups ,,,, It's a major improvement . Oh I also cut out onions and cucumber they didn't seem to agree with me. It's all stopped I feel a big improvement I hope I've helped somewhat my sympathies I completely relate x


Oh yes,, forgot no alcohol and lower your caffeine intake .. I completely cut it out .. But then I was prepared to try anything at the time as I was suffering badly and alsorts of things started to come to mind , as it was every day at one point,, hope you feel better really soon x x


I get it really bad, and was diagmosed with a hiatus hernia. I eat greek style plain yoghurt, pretty sure it helps, but I love it so its a good excuse to eat it xx


I had daily heartburn, bloating and the runs. Under GPs care I firstly stopped fibre. High fibre diets are not good for everyone and I am in the 10% of the population that cannot tolerate it. Then I was told to cut out wheat. Great improvement. Lastly it was dairy. Finally the volcano was tamed! Yeeha! It's been four years now. I lost four stone in weight. It just fell off. I can occasionally eat a tiny bit of dairy, but never wheat. Once you get into the mind frame that foods containing the above are like poison to your body not eating these things becomes much easier!

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your help and advice. What lovely people you are. I forgot to mention that I have IBS when I wrote the question down. I have spoken to the doctor just now and she is going to give me a peppermint oil medication to see if that helps me. I can't have any spicy food as I can't tolerate it. I have lost some weight recently also and she said that when i put weight on I was putting pressure on my stomach so now the weight is reducing the natural gases are coming out. So I'm going to give this medication a go and see if it works. Thanks again everyone. I really do love this group!! xxx


Natural gases can be a real problem! My ongoing heartburn led to an endoscopy, I thought

I had Candida in my stomach. Acid reflux was driving me mad, and I was worried about the

effect on my teeth. Nothing nasty discovered, no helpful advice given, so I just cut back on

wheat, yeast and sugar to try and help myself.


Can I ask how did you find out you had candida in your stomach?


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