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Motorway Panic......Over!

Those who read my last blog will remember that i was terrified of driving home from Manchester Airport in 2 weeks after leaving OH there to start his new job in Cananda> Well.....thank heavens for friends! 2 different friends have now offered to take him and OH (bless him) had told me he was gonna hire a car and leave it at the airport rather than put me through that stress, panic over...PHEW!!!!! xx

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It's amazing how little things throw us into complete panic, things pre fibro we would have taken in our stride... Where would we be without friends ....

Now that's a weight off your mind you can look forward to making the most of your time before your OH leaves

Have fun

VG x


I'm so pleased - I would have been exactly the same in that situation xxx


Glad you got it sorted you can relax a bit now an just enjoy your time with you OH before he goes withch must b stressful in its self x


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