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about esa..please read

Just want to let everyone know..... i have fought for many years to get what we deserve, with the suffering we have with fibro...... i am so disabled with this... but................. I HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(please i am not saying this to make anyone thinking i am bragging... i just want everyone to know so they can keep fighting.. i have been put in the support group. so i now dont have to go to any job centres, even though i could not work anyway, which if i didnt have fibro i would love to work believe me...... so please keep fighting all those out there who suffer day to day xxx

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well done diane, great news!

it's not bragging hun, it's sharing your hard fought achievements. I'm so pleased for you. :)




Hear hear sandra . Im delighted for you too, this victory gives hope to others on the site who may lack the confidence to apply. Your not bragging merely informing, inspiring and sharing With others within the community. Congratulations on a hard won victory x

Dixie x


Yes, well done Diane - good to hear some positive news!

Moffy x


all thanks sandra and dixie.. hugs...... i just want everyone to keep fighting, its what they deserve... hope ur ok today and not in to much pain xxx


Well done hunni. You have won what you are entitled to so it is in no way bragging. I was not so lucky. I was declared fit for work with 15 ongoing health problems, one being fibro and one of the others COPD. I even lost at the tribunal because of all the lies told by ATOS. I tell everyone to keep trying even though I could not bring myself to claim again. I could not go through it again, at the time I had been told I had an illness that would most likley kill me before anything else did, so I was just not up to it. I ended up claiming CA as my daughters carer, and I was given a top up of IS on the grounds that our local DWP could plainly see at my interviews that I was not fit for work. The local DWP were pretty good to me and did all they could to help. But I am so pleased for you xxxxx


I'm so pleased for you, it must be such a relief for you not to have the worry hanging over you, Im still in the battle mode, but am just so chuffed for you . You have given me the hope to carry on, as I have been feeling like not pushing through with my possible tribunal.

Gentle hugs. F.....iest x


Well done, I know how you feel, I was so happy when I won my appeal. but I felt so sorry for the people still fighting./ Dont give up. its your right! xxxxxx


I was awarded the support group as well. I tell you it's been a worry , especially reading different stories on here. My friend has got her date for a tribunal, she was refused & is fighting her case. I pray she wins, as I know she is not fit to work.

Keep fighting them, Sending fibro hugs to all. (((O))) X


thanks again.. my dear friends hugs... please... i just hope those people can keep on fighting... one thing though.. i think some people just dont know what to write on the forms.... u have to tell them ur like this everyday .. a friend of mine put.. sometime... which u should never put down... she was saying things like.. sometimes i cant do this or that.. or sometimes i feel ok....... u never feel ok.. u might feel a bit better than u do when u feel like u want to be dead...... wish people would ask what to write.. i might put a wee blog thing up.. what u think???


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