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Can someone associate with this?

Hi everyone I am struggling to understand my own body and which bits can be linked to fibro. I have a couple of things I would like your help on.

The first is I feel shaky but mostly just on the inside.??????

The second is my arm/hand coordination is not sharpe/quick like it used to be and I am trying to rationalise this as being down to the fact that my arms feel heavy and it is like they dont belong to me?

Hope this makes sense to someone.

Thank you.


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I get the same Jenny.



I think that these feelings are very common in people who suffer from fibro.

The shaky feeling might be caused by anxiety, and lord knows if you have fibro you have enough to make you anxious.

Your GP may be able to help you with a sedating type medication - it's worth asking. The limb heaviness - well we're stuck with that!

Moffy x


HI ive had the same symptoms, my gp told me she thought i may have MS, Luckily scan came back normal and i was diagnosed ME. Still not nice but not as bad a s MS. its worth mentioning to yur gp. I had right sided weakness, even the neurologist said i def did have right sided weakness. My legs wouldnt work properly and my arms as yu said felt like they didnt belong to the rest of my body. Over the last 12 months it has got better since being on Gabbapentin 300mg, three times a day. It took a while to start seeing improvements, and time to time i have relapses.

It all you can do is trial and error with different meds. Gabbapentin is a Anti-epilepsy drug, for me it works.



hi im on the same tablet only 600 mgs three times a day but for severe attacks of pain they are still servere but a bit less often got to keep diary of attacks and go back in a month


hi im new but yes i can relate


Thank you all of you for sending me a reply. Knowing that what I am experiencing could be related to Fibro and not something else even more scary helps. Also, know that other people are out there suffering the same scary things makes you feel less alone thank you. Jen


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