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Can Anyone throw light on this?

Hi Everyone! I am still doing reasonably well considering all the problems I am dealing with. Not feeling too bad today I thought I would walk into town. it is very near. We went and had coffee in a coffee shop then to have lunch. I went to buy a birthday card and had a look in The Works to see what they were selling since everything had to go. I walked back home. I can't walk fast because of the Plantar fasciitis that has descended on me together with Tennis Elbow. I got home and felt absolutely dreadful. A feeling as if I was going to collapse. I didn't of course and had a drink and a sleep. I usually wake with second wind so set to to do things I need to do in the house. Today I didn't feel like that. I did do things but it was a struggle. Has anybody on here had anything like this? It seems that if I don't walk but take the car all is well. Problem is no parking only the other end of town. I can't carry much so the choice is either go out of town to a retail park or not go. I find I am not going more and more. I am not sitting around in the house I do things but I have got this far and I really don't want to slide back into the sleeping and sitting around. I want to get on with my life as far as I can. I have limitations because of the Fibro, Skin conditions, heart problem heel pain and elbow pain. Also an occlusion in my one eye. All these have come on me in the past 6 years. Thank the Lord for TCM. I wouldn't be on my feet without that. It's this feeling as if I start off with a fully charged battery and it slowly runs down until I feel I will stop. Only when I walk any distance. It is so stupid. Anybody who has had this and had a diagnosis would help me enormously. I can get onto it then when I know what I am dealing with. All the GP would say is it is part of the Fibromyalgia. Not everything is. Have a good sleep tonight all of you.

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Hi Thankful yes this sounds oh to familiar my friend & sorry to sound like your doctor, but it probably is the Fibro. It comes from no where & i struggle like this all the time. I can't walk 50yds without panicking that I won't be able to walk back again, the energy just completely drains from me like my battery has run out lol. I do think that if you have heart problems you should see your gp though because there is the chance that it could be heart, so i would check it out my friend, best to be safe than sorry.

I would also advice you to lock your post because it is open to the internet & you have got private information in your post. Follow this link for simple instructions how to do it.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x


Hi thankful, you put it so correctly, when you say it's like starting off with a full battery until it slowly runs down , I think it's all part of fibro , I feel great some days and think I'm going to do this today or go there, then by the time I get dressed and ready to go I'm already exhausted. Lol, if I do manage to get out the battery soon starts to run down and I can feel myself actually slowing down and I have to have. A rest and recharge, thankfully I pick up a bit afterwards, it's a horrible feeling, take care


I have experienced that a lot. I will be all excited about going out with hubby. Then within 30 minutes or even by the time we get to where we are getting to where we are going, I'm ready to head back home. I usually try to hang for a little bit for him, but he knows or at least has been told how quickly I tire and tries to be understanding.

I would guess that falls under the chronic fatigue.

I have been trying to figure out what fibro is and from my understanding, fibro is over active nervous system. So if it isn't that, it has to be something else.

Like my chronic muscle pain and knots, I believe would be properly label

Myofascial pain syndrome, thoughI'm sure a dr would just say fibromyalgia. I feel fibro makes it worse, sense my nervous system screams everything it feels. But chronic knots and tight muscles is not caused by over active nerves.

I am quite tired of drs blanketing everything to fibro. When it is labeled correctly we can figure out how to battle it.

Good luck. ××

Just thought I'd add, my first massage therapist, who had fibro herself, was amazing and really helped me a lot. (She moved away)

But she said that in my knee area she could actually feel my fibro, she said my nerve endings were firing so rapidly that it was in flaming the tissue around it & that it felt like a tiny grain of sand. It was crazy to hear.

And my apple cider vinegar drinks seem to be helping. I have felt great reduction in my inflammation. I have had areas that have been inflamed for years that are slowly going away. It is a bit of light in this dark world.

Good luck &Take care


Hi , i can see from the replies you have already had that you have had some good advice. But can i say that it strikes me that you are not giving yourself enough credit, i think you are amazing to keep pushing yourself and being as determined as you are, you are suffering from difficult and complex medical conditions any of which would be hard, but put together they are vrry very difficult to live with, you have pushed yourself and where it has been too much you have adjusted and compromised and found an alternative, you are AMAZING, people will be encouraged that they may acieve and maintain as much as you, you could be here giving people advice on how you have managed.

Try not to be do hard on yourself and on the days where you have tried and its wacked you out they are still days when you have tried. I get so frustrated with what i cannot do like opening a packet of crisps and i get angry and dissppointed with my inability to do things but then i look at what i can still manage and how i have adapted and think im not that bad. So i think you are worthy of praise not criticisn by yourself or anyone, i would be proud and inspired to have a friend or family member like you around me.



That is so lovely and true Leonwp i couldn't have put it better myself. Unfortunately I suffer like that myself, full of good intentions and then wham I'm zapped.

🤗🤗 x


Hi Thankful

I really am so truly sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I can relate to what you have written. I have multiple health issues, and I quite often get totally exhausted when I have been out for just a short time. I will admit that I am an insomniac and maybe this helps influence my fatigue? Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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