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ATOS - my first time evaluation

Hi, I had my first evaluation on 30th Jan. They have informed me that I have limited work capability but 'from time to time they will assess me for jobs they have deemed to be suitable for me'.

Apart from the obvious, what does this mean? I would be pleased to be able to work but what if pains have moved or worse on the day they decide I should work or if i have only had 3hrs sleep in 5 days etc.

They asked if I wanted to appeal. What are the alternatives, does anyone know?



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It sounds as though you are in the Work Related Activities Group. From personal experience regarding the job assessment, my husband was sent for an interview at the JC last July just a few months after he won his appeal. At his interview (I went in with him cos he gets all flustered) the disability adviser who interviewed him said that she could see that he was obviously not well enough to consider work just yet and she would be in touch in a few months time.

Yesterday he got a letter asking him to phone her, he was getting himself all in a state but this morning I managed to persuade him to give her a call - she wasn't in so he spoke with her colleague instead. After a couple of minutes he had to ask if it was ok for me speak with the colleague cos he was getting flustered again. I told the guy about the immuno-suppressant injections hubby was on and, although there was some improvement, just how bad his hands & feet were in spite of them. Ok said the JC guy, we'll call back in a few months to see how you are.

Probably the appeal they asked about would be one to be placed in the Support Group instead of the WRA group but only you can decide if you want to do that - best to speak with someone from CAB, DIAL or similar organisation for advice.


Hello Number55,

If you haven't done so already FibroAction can send out the Benefits & Work Guides for free if you email: . They contain information on benefits, appeals and medicals.

Here's a link to the Benefits & Work site

I hope this is of help



Is this a free site


lima6MTC you need to be aware that you may only get your ESA benefit for 365 DAYS, I was placed in the 'Work Related Activities Group' on Dec 12/2011 on the 1/12/2012 I went for my 'Work Related Activities Group' meeting at the Job centre, (I had a meeting approx every 2 months during that year) but this meeting panned out a little different as my so called "Personal Adviser" decided that this was the time to tell me that my ESA Benefit would STOP on 12/12/2012 that gave me two weeks to come to the terms of being around £100 per week Worse off.

I contacted a local charity that helps with this sort of thing and they helped me lodge an appeal to be placed on the "Support Group" if this appeal is successful my ESA will be reinstated, I still have not heard anything apart from they have received my appeal.

Please Please check that you will not find yourself in the same position as me, if it does mean you will only be paid for 365 days get help from a local disability charity/support group or the CBA,

gentle (((((HUGS))))) Kim


anne67, If you are asking about yes this is a free site, welcome x Kim


Thank you all. Very useful comments from all of you.

I think I should appeal - more stress. :-(

Take care everyone. x


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