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This one is for the ladies - sorry gents (however if your better half is suffering what is in my blog, i will be all ears)

Hello Fibro Bloggers,

This question is aimed at the ladies - Is anyone suffering with Gyne issues that could be related to Fibro? I am currently receiving treatment for a cyst in my uterus & ovaries, but my doctor wont confirm nor deny that fibro may be responsible for my latest bought. I have suffered with cysts for years but nothing as painful as this one. I am due my final injection on 28 Feb and then will hopefully have a date for my op, once i have seen the consultant. To add insult to injury i also have endometriosis, for which i have also had previous surgery for.

Or could they have possibly been there for a while but due to my condition, that i feel is getting worse, (save that story for another time), that the pain is now more exacerbated as even my current medication only takes the edge off it.

I currently work full time and a single mother so i really dont have time to rest, so any advise would be gratefully received.

Thanks Ladies (& gents if you have any advise)

Claire :)

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Sorry can't help you but I hope you get it sorted soon x


Thank you, i am just fed up now!! :(


Hmm do you really want to read this,,,, before I was diagnosed with fibro at 25 i had also been suffering from endometriosis for 6 years I had it in my uterus Fallopian tubes , lungs and Finally it settled on my appendix leading to emergency surgery... The pain was horrendous in addition to fibro so I had a total hysterectomy at 35 best thing I ever did. I think my fibro started the year of my first botched endo op... In all I had 6 ops for endo and it just kept coming back... So can I offer any advice ... Not really only you can make the decision of how to manage you endo and fibro ... But empathy I can offer cos i have been in your shoes and the pain is not nice

Hugs VGx


hello VG

just read your blog and wonder if i could have endometriosis. probably not but as previously mentioned I have painful lumps in my abdomen and since sept I ahev had a cough when ever i lie on my left side which is the side my ribs protrude.cough is getting worse -in the day as well and ribs seem to be protruding more and I wonder if they could be causing my cough or is somethign affecting my lungs.seeing my DR on Thursday fro blood test results and should I ask fro a chest xray?he said last time my chest was fine .I disagree.


With our bodies I would not be surprised at anything , but with my endometriosis the problem only occured at the time of my period, so every month I would cough up blood embarrassing but not painful, the appendix flared up as an emergency in a couple of hours due to endometrial tissue attaching itself to it, but the rest of my body was fine until my period started then I would have two days of agony confined to the house then back to normal. but as each of us are different if you know something isn't right for you then please see your GP

.Hugs VG x


I used to have a nose bleed at that time of the month. The GP at that time said they weren't related but I have seen somewhere since that it can happen.


i have had a nummber of small cysts but have so far not had any treatment for them.have not heard of link to fibro


I think because of the way fibromyalgia makes our brains work, it is more than likely nothing to with my cysts, its just everything seems to happening one after the other. I have had previous surgeries for both conditions and it would appear that both are now back with a vengeance! Before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter almost 9 years ago the Gyne had talked about removing my engine then, but pregnancy halted everything, no chance of that happening again as I am single and no boyfriend!

Will get there eventually Xxx


Hey! I'm not actually diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I'm in the process of being diagnosed with some joint related pain. I too also have endometriosis and a poly-cystic right ovary. Our bodies seem to do amazing things sometimes. I hope you find some relief.



hiya, i was diagnosed with fibro about 2 years ago, but was told that i have probably had it for 18 years. I have always had gynea problems, nobody has yet said they are conected. 4 weeks ago i had an op as i had an awful pain in my left side (had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, was left with left ovary) .So the op, well turned out i had cysts on left ovary which had become detached, endometriosis across my pelvis. I had the ovary removed, the tip of my bladder, some of my right kidney my apendix, also all my bowel was stuck together so had that all cut. I had my check-up last week, specailist said that i have a 85% chance of it all comming back, and it would be a braver man than him to go in agian. great .6 months prior to this i was told i have a whole in my heart. The only good outcome of this is, the painkillers i take at night knock me out cold, so i am sleeping (for now) On top of all this i am deaf in my left ear and partaily deaf in other, also i have a whole in my skull. I just wonder when it's all going to end, if ever. Good luck honey and be brave, keep smiling it cons everyone.


Fibromyalgia and endo do appear to be linked. Have you tried entering the 2 terms on your search engine?

I always had gynae problems too. I was put on the pill at 18 as my periods still weren't regular and they were always heavy and painful. I too had checks for endo manyu years ago now. Although I remember them finding something I was never treated and can't remember what they said now.


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