It's official I have Fibro fog so bad there is no hope

Ok so it's usual for me not to remember the day or date .. I forget my own name and lose my thought in mid sentence.. But... Today I hit a new low even for me..... I was woken up by my OH to get me out of bed before he goes to work and he greets me with a cheery .... Happy birthday my love.... Apparantly today is my birthday... Not telling how old but its in the 40s .... And I don't know what my present is cos apparantly it was ordered online and hasn't arrived.... Sums it all up really :) Though I am actually sitting here wondering if I would have remembered at all...

Wanders of thinking ... I know there's something important today............


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  • Hey yo u a very Happy Birthday I hope you have a good day my friend I send you gentle hugs and enourmous smiles oh and Cake a girl has to have cake :) We will all pop round later to eat it with you. what can any one else bring Oh and bubbly I will bring some of that my mother always said it was a tonic. We all need a tonic. Happy day luv gins

  • I iI must have mist something when did you become a volunteer well done old thng dont go getting posh on me xgin

  • Nice to see you back :-)

    VG - posh? rofl!


  • GIns you are back my friend , how lovely to see you, that in itself is a lovely birthday present, I hope you are feeling have been missed and yes I am afraid I will be breaking my diet to eat cake.... I will explain to KazF my diet buddy I have to share cake around the forum and bubbly...

    Thanks Gins xxxx

  • Well, you had a party yesterday - apparently you ate lots of sausage rolls. And the day before was Valentine's - and chocolate!

    I'm just reminding you , because if you can forget it's your birthday, you can forget anything - lol! :-D

    And as long as i get a nice slice of cake, and a glass of bubbly to toast your ??th birthday, I'll turn a blind eye, just for today. :-/ Many happy returns.


  • I am so greedy having my birthday so soon after valentines day... But I am afraid you will have to blame my parents for it ........ See I have an excuse for everything ;)

  • Rofl I read the ??th as 77 th birthday..... I don't think I have forgotten That many :)

  • Umm two days ago go all posh Rolf... I have struck a deal with...Moffy into keeping my badge all shiney and polished in return for...... Nothing... She hasn't realised yet.......

    Grins evilly


  • The deal is that you lose the moth swatter! :(

  • Reluctantly hands over the moth eaten sweater

  • No - that's my lunch!

  • So you ruined my favourite sweater :(

  • Happy Birthday VG

    Have a good one enjoy the cake and snap my birthday as well and I'm not telling my age either lol x

  • happy birthday :-)

  • Happy birthday to you too! have a great one. :)

  • happy birthday lee!

  • Happy birthday. :) I hope you remembered and got a present


  • Happy birthday VG. It's so refreshing to hear there's someone worse than me out there ;) I've often got part way through the day before suddenly realising I haven't wished loved ones happy birthday or given them their gifts, even though I'd gone to bed remembering. Not quite managed to forget my own but I'm sure it's just a matter of time x

  • I like your train of thought. And thank you .. On a positive note it was a nice surprise for me :)

  • Happy birthday!!! Hope you ave a good one :) xxx

  • Many Happy Returns VG. What a lovely way to be woken up. In fact how nice to have been asleep in the first place.

    I have found the missing sausage rolls from yesterday - they were under the bed with the socks and underpants. I'll just brush the bits of fluff off them and stick a candle into each sausage roll, howzat?

    Have a great day


    Em xx

  • But you made 200 . I am NOT that old ....,,but thank you for the sausage rolls, candles, oh and a lovely present of an odd sock

    VG :)

  • Happy Birthday VG - you don't look a day over 21, I'm sure, and very beautiful and elegant with it!

    Passes plate in hope of VERY large slice of cake :)


  • Passes moffy a very small piece of cake on a large plate.... If I have that the wrong way round I have fibro fog....... :-/

  • And some sausage rolls. You can keep the sock! :D xx

  • It has just occurred to me that it is most appropriate for a fish to be born under the sign of Aquarius!

  • just missing ot on pisces!

  • Happy birhtday have a great day x

  • Happy birthday vg! just sent you a gift - 10 minutes of peace and quiet!


    dee da dee dee da doo!

  • Drat I just found this post you posted 22 mins ago so have I missed my 10 mins.waaaaahhhhh

    VG x

  • no, open it when you're ready.

  • Now please so I can eat my birthday choccies on too of the valentines choccies .... Sorry Kaz I will get back to my diet as soon as

  • Happy birthday VG hope you are having a mischievious day xx

  • Grins mischievously :D

  • Just wanted to say Happy Birthday for yesterday. :) I suppose you could consider yesterday a pleasant surprise?

    Many Hugs ((( ))) xxxx

    (and wishes!)

    Fay :)

  • Thanks fay.. It was indeed a lovely surprise :)

  • Happy belated Birthday VG xx

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