Hi all, been to docs again today to talk meds and support. I've asked to change from Pregabalin (as I have put on loads of weight) and she has swapped me onto omeprazole. I'm doing it now as it is half term and if it throws me for six I can lie in a bit. However, is anybody on these meds? If so, can anyone give me any idea what these meds are like? Im also taking paracetamol every 4 hours and tramadol when I need it. Must admit though, am somewhat scared to try these new meds in case I cant sleep (hence half term)!

Gentle hugs to you all.

S. Xx


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  • Omeprazole is as far as I know to help with heartburn and acid reflux, at least that's what I am on it for. I have just changed to it from lanzoprazole and have already noticed a benefit have had no acid reflux for a week

    Hope that helps

    VG x

  • Omeprazole are not much different to Lansaprazole(which I take) and these are to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. And Pregabalin are used to control neuropathic pain so I di not understand the switch from a pain killer to an antacid pill. Unless you have only started the Tramadol today, then I would understand it. I take Tramadol myself but not for fibro. You should not really get side effects from this tablet, the omeprazole I mean and I cannot see them knocking you for six. Anyway I wish you well with all the meds you are taking xxxxx

  • Maybe ive picked up the wrong box out the cupboard to get the name then (probably given the raging fibro fog and exhaustion lol) I'll have a look...

  • Its Nortriptyline that ive been switched to. Lucky I checked, I'd be taking the wrong ones!!! Anything to say about them??

  • Good job you checked lol or you would be taking all the wrong pills. Lordee knows where you would end up then.

    Nortriptyline are an antidepressant. They are much the same as Amitriptyline which is what I take at night. These types of antidepressant are also very good for relieving pain and relaxing you. They may well knock you for six in the beginning as they can induce sleep and you may feel groggy in the morning when you wake up until you get used to them XXXXX

  • How many mg of amitriptyline do you take at night if you don't mind me asking? X

  • Omeprazole is fine, its makes you stop being poorly cause of the different tablets. Thats what my doctor and mum tell me anyways!!

    Take care

    Charlotte xx

  • Nortriptyline is a tricyclic drug which is antidepressant with a strong pain-reducing property.

    In a recent study it was recommended for neuropathic pain and CFS - so I guess that's every avenue covered!

    It has the usual side effects: dry mouth, sleepiness, constipation, blurred vision and increased appetite, but is mostly well-tolerated. It will probably help you sleep, but is unlikely to knock you out!

    I hope it makes you feel better - it has done well in studies!

    Love Moffy x

  • It's similar to amitriptaline in that its used as an antidepressant which most people get prescribed with fibro to help with sleep and scramble pain signals to the brain... At the start it can cause you to be wakeful at night but is supposed to soon settle down.

    I personally haven't tried this one as I didn't get on with amitriptaline.. I use dosulepin at night very old and cheap but it suits me.. It might be a good idea as you suggest to try it over the half term to get used to it

    Good luck with it and if You are at all worried phone or see your GP and of course come on here to chat

    VG x

  • I have tried amatriptilyne and didnt get on with it. Doc says people sometimes get on betterwith this one. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Nothing to lose. Might be on later if I cant sleep. :) thanks for all your help. Xx

  • your dr is not being honnest with you the tablet omprozone is to linre your stomach so the tramadol dont make it bleed pregablin does put weight on ask to go on cymbalta ( duloxetine) sorry about the spelling cant find my glasses

  • It's ok Kates turtlesmum wrote the wrong med down on the thread ...very easily done.. and she has actually been given noratriptaline and I bet I have spelt that wrong

    VG x

  • Omeprazole helps the stomach with different meds being taken. Should be taken 1 hour before food.

    Amitriptaline is used as an antidepressant for pain. Pain = depressed, depressed = more pain.+ they can help with headaches from being depressed,stressed Mostly taken at night before going to sleep.

    Paracetamol, Paracetamol +codeine is painkilling meds

    Tramadol is for pain blocking. Better to have the 1000mg SR (slow release) ones as to the 500mg ones you take four times aday as there are less side effects.

    I know this because I deal with meds at work so I have to know what the meds are used for and why etc.

    Graham xx

  • Hi read you work with meds. I take tramadol which is in tablet form they says slow release. Is this true.

    Thanks for your help.

    Bye for now A x

  • Sorry been working extra nights so spending most time at home sleeping.

    If the Tramadol has SR on the box then they are slow release. You should be taking them TWO times a day rather then FOUR times a day.

  • Hi thank you very much. Hope you are catching up on your sleep.

    There seem to be so many drugs for fibro is frightening makes me feel as if they are experimenting on us half the time. Well any relief is good.

    Hope your day is ok. Take care

    Bye for now Love A xxx

  • hi, I've been on nortryptiline for nearly 3 weeks, I am still getting migraines, they kinda make me tremble, I don't sleep well and get nightmares (don't usually get nightmares) had a couple of days that I wasn't too bad, and most days am quite shite (excuse me) fluey ways, pain comes and goes, not too weepy but does come in droves, sticking with them for about another 4 weeks to see if the side effects wear off, oh yes no appitite and I love my food :(dry mouth) but had that before, can't take amitrptyline, made me quite violent and irritated, if the nortryptiline doesn't suit, drs, going try the pregoblin, sorry forgot what it's called, and omeprizole is used to line the stomach to aid against what the other drugs do to your stomach, hope you get on well with it hugs :)

  • omeprazole doesnt make me feel tired,but it is for heartburn/indigestion. I have inflamtion in my stomach and it hepls with this, but not with any other pain.

  • I have recently stated nortriptyline and pregabalin and have not had any side effects. I think this is because the starting dose is so small and you increase so gradually. My nortriptyline starting dose was twenty mg at night and my starting pregabalin dose was 75 mg twice a day.v I've been on them five to six weeks and am still only up to 200 mg twice a day of pregabalin and 40 mg at bedtime of nortriptyline. I'm gradually building up to the doses of 300 my of pregabalin twice a day and 75 my of nortriptyline at bed. Rest assured, my pain consultant put me on these because together they are one of the best combos for fibro. Even at the doses I've got up to I'm already noticing huge benefits. Do be cautious though as obviously everyone does react to meds differently xxx

  • I take omeprazole for my stomach,does nothing for my fibro/osteoporosis and Me.Get reflux so that's why I'm on it but still doesn't help much that iv noticed.

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