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Re nightshade

I have just read an article that's states arthritic people and fibro should avoid all the nightshade family, which include tomatoes, potatoes ,(this doesn't include the sweet potatoe ) onion, peppers , chillies, there are more, did any one else know this about the nightshade family, I've been eating loads of tomatoes maybe thi is why flare up so bad.....hugs to all..Dee xx

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No, and I love spuds. I've been cutting out onions as they cause flares of IBS but hadn't realised the other link. In the summer I self abuse with nettles on the affected joints. Didn't stop me needing surgery but it sure takes the mind off arthritis. My herbalist friend says it's ok. I don't actually recommend it. Just another symptom of my nuttiness.

Where was the article?

Let us know how you go on, and I'll do the same. I think Nightshade provides some medicines so it might be worth looking on the list of ingredients.


I just googled " foods to avoid with fibro " and that's what came up, very interesting....Dee


I can`t eat tomatoes but am ok with every thing else

Hows you? How did you escape from the glass box at Sutton park? and did you bring the hedgehogs with you. :P :P


Hi Cookie72

Thank you so much for this, it is really appreciated. I was told about 4 years ago to avoid all red fruits as I have allergic reactions and my airway closes up. It is very unpleasant.

Take care my friend

Ken x


Hello I read this a few years ago,

and I don't eat any of those things

I have been doing this for a few years

Do I feel different ?

Well I can say that I don't get as many times

When I'm so hot I don't know what to do with

Myself. as for feeling better I think I do, over

Christmas I ate all the things that I should not

Of eaten and I have to say that I had lots of pain

and felt very unwell.

Maybe I would of got this anyway, like most of you

It never goes, I did loss lots of weight so that maybe is

Why I feel better. The weight loss was because I was

Not eating these things also stopped eating bread.

The condition for me has got worse, pain is worse

But in myself I feel better, it could be that I have

Excepted that this is me now.

Love Viv x


I have been advised to avoid them all and it seems to make it a little easier :) x


Oh my goodness Dee. I love all those foods. So interesting. Thank you so much for this. Will do the 'google thing'.

Hope your days are more good than difficult. xxxLyn


Thank ypu was aware of toms bein a problem but not the others x


Hi Cookie

I've heard similar lately. At the beginning of the year I was very organised, having "proper" meals with the kids which included potatoes most days. After a few weeks I began to notice a lot more pain than normal and started to look at what we were eating. It was then I thought about the potatoes and cut back on them. It was then I heard they're not good for us. However the pain is still hanging on unfortunately.

Hope you're doing ok.



Wow!! Thanks for this cookie! I was aware of some foods causing problems, but tomatoes?? I love my tomato butties!! Does it include tomato ketchup?? XXX


Hi Cookie, I have been avoiding all food from deadly nightshade family since last December, as well as white bread, white pasta, white rice, I have athritis fibro and migraines. I believe it has helped with pain apart from migraine, and IBS has definately improved. I have also been juicing since new year.


Hi All,

I hope I don't sound 'preachy' but, My understanding from studies at college is that the vegetables you mentioned are NOT from the Deadly Nightshade family. They are indeed Nightshade vegetables but not in anyway related to the infamous Deadly Nightshade plant.

My advice to all would be to say that you should thoroughly investigate this information online as there are pro's and cons to eating all foods and in truth, you will only know which ones you truly react to by undertaking a process of elimination - removing one food item at a time for a period of about one month and making a note of how you feel without it Or alternatively, you could remove all the above-mentioned foods and re-introduce them one by one to see which ones you feel give you an adverse reaction. Remember, everyone's difference.

My fear is that knee jerk reactions could mean that we could potentially miss out on the benefits gained from some of these plants like the fact that onions are absolutely wonderful for warding off colds and viruses and tomatoes are scientifically proven to assist with heart function. A good motto is, Everything in moderation and a balanced approach may be the way forward - No matter how Desperate we are to find a cure for our conditions.

Again, I hope I don't sound preachy, just anxious that we are all provided with 'Accurate' information to enable us to make 'Informed decisions'.

Thanks for reading. Stay Strong, Stay Positive.

Fight the Fibro.


Hi there reykua, thank you for your post, no you don't sound peachy, but I would say that I didn't say they came from the Deadly Nightshade, just the nightshade family, I googled food to avoid for fibro pain, and what I wrote is just what I read on that site, and as the site openend up the first words you see are " avoid foods from the nightshade family " and then it went on to show what they were....Dee


Thank you so much for your reply Dee. It's so good of you to take the time out to respond.

I hope I didn't imply that You'd said they were from the Deadly Nightshade family. I'm just conscious of the fact that many people do wrongly link the two. I'm also worried that we could potentially miss out on some good natural trace elements and hormones if we cut things out without concrete scientific evidence.

Potatoes are so very good for us, especially if we bake them and eat the skins as well (admittedly they're not so healthy as chips or fries). My dietician actually recommends them even though I'm on a low carb diet. Amongst other things, I'm diabetic, asthmatic, have severe sleep apnea (I use a CPAP), I also have hypertension, Fibro, bursitis in my left elbow and both sides of my hips, and I'm still suffering the after effects of an old RTA.

It's almost impossible to replace some of the trace elements found in these foods with supplements. Just thought I'd insert a note of caution into the discussion.

Wishing you well with your research.

Warm regards

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You are so right about potatoes being good for you in fact the foods that were mentioned are all good for you, but not fibro's it seems, but having said that I do feel that you must make up your own minds by trial and error, I had tomatoe and basil soup yesterday(wend) and come Thursday morning I was in a lot of pain in my joints mainly, ...tomatoes do affect arthritis, and Barratts. Osophegus I. Have both so I can vouch for that but that is only me, I also have asthma, spondylosis of the neck and lumber region, osteoarthritis , and fibro, at the moment I think that fibro is the worst and wouldn't wish it on my enemy ...gentle hug have good night sleep...Dee


Hi Dee, No I did"nt know about these foods can effect us Fibro sufferers. Thanks for sharing that information with us.

I"ve been in really bad flare-up past 21 weeks and eat all the things you mentioned, as I have very savoury tooth. I"ll certainly try & cut back on them to see if it helps.

Sorry to hear you are in a very bad flare-up, hope you start to improve very soon.

Many thanks

Sending positive healing energies & (((gentle hugs))). Lynn XX


Hi Lynn, thank you it is worth trying I guess, although I really do like tomatoes, ...hope you have a good night ....sending you gentle hugs have a good night sleep...Dee xx


Hi Dee, Grateful to you for sharing that information. I"m definitely going to give it a try and keep a food Diary as this recent Flare-up has been one of the worse in about a year. It has been 21 weeks, I"ve not been over the door apart from essential hospital appoint, Just off to one now.

I sincerely hope you start to feel better soon.

Take care

Sending positive healing energies & (((gentle hugs)))

Lynn XX


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