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Some of the answers to my blog the other day are making it sound as if they feel I should not have been awarded the DLA that I have got.

Surely you realise that as it is so hard to get that I must thoroughly deserve it.

I do have other problems besides the Fibro.

Also it sounds like a lot of the people who answered are at home all day, I am still struggling to do a full time job despite being in agony at the moment.

I don't have a OH to look after me, I have to rely on people that I can pay which is what the DLA is meant for.

I did not post the original blog to upset anyone or make them jealous - it was to give them hope.

Thank you to those of you who were genuinely pleased for me.

I have taken a lot of comfort from being on this site but now not sure I want to be here at all.

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Hi Lynne I am sure it wasn't a rant at you , just at the system of it making no sense why some dont get it some do, and others who have gotten worse have it taken off them... I have had fibro for 23 years its now got to the stage where I am in constant pain as i developed arthritis at 43, Fibe years ago, and that's when I got my DLA .. I get low rate care DLA reviewed every year and I only get it due to my arthritis fibro is ignored and I think that's why members ranted NOT at you but at the system that ignores for a large number us our fibro pain... .yes I get frustrated with the system but not with other members which I am sure was meant by the posts .. Yes I just went back and read your blog.. And I think the members who ranted at the system would be most upset if they thought they had upset you. Please carry on posting and joining in

VG x

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Lynne, VG has said just what I was about to say. The benefit issue is really topical at the moment with ATOS and petitions to the government. Everyone is complaining about the system!

I am sure everyone is happy for you

Why not grab a cuppa and join in the party thread today !!

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Thanks VG.

I never used to worry about anything or what people thought of me but over the last 5 - 6 years I have got progressively worse with taking to heart what people say.

I actually got the low rate care because I work full time and when I get home I am too exhausted to do anything other than feed my animals (and that's only because they can't do it themselves) so I cannot prepare myself a hot meal. My Doctor wrote that just eating a bowl of cereal every evening was detrimental to my diabetes.

They totally ignored all the other things I said I needed help with.

As soon as I've eaten my cereal I lay on the sofa until bed time.

The High mobility is because I cannot walk a single step without being in agony.

I use a stick or 3 wheeled walker depending on how far I need to walk and have had a mobility scooter for over a year. I also have a blue badge (again not easy to get).

I have only been awarded the DLA for two years anyway.

At the weekend my daughter comes to help me do a bit of shopping and the washing, as soon as she and my two grandchildren leave I lay on the sofa for the rest of the day as they exhaust me too. If I am lucky enough to feel up to it I go and see my Mum on Sundays for a couple of hours. That is my entire life in one blog.

Sorry to have gone on VG, I do appreciate your sensible answer, I knew you would make a good volunteer.

Lynne x

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My pleasure and thank you :)

Hi Lynne, i read the original post but didnt comment as i dont claim any benefits so i dont really know too much about them apart from what i read on here. I think i saw your post just after you had put it on so i didnt see any comments but i will go back later and have a look.

May i say a huge well done to you for your dla award, its nice to hear some good news and that one of us is getting what they deserve!

There was nothing like bragging or gloating in your post and like you said, it was meant to give others hope. Please dont leave the site, we all need to stick together but i just wanted you to know that i am truly happy for you.....Charlii xx

as you said its very hard to get dla so you must need it so take no notice you keep well and dont give up any thing you can do for your self as we all no of the times we car't do things i am glad for you hope others relize that too

Thanks everyone for your support. It has made me feel a lot better.

Lynne x

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