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recieved that brown envelope today


recieved brown envelope with my dla decision in as i had guessed i was turned down in so much pain today these people obviously dont understand im fed up i rang them to be told someone will ring me in the next 5 days if no luck ther i will either have to appeal or reaply that means another 4 gruelin hours form filling soooooooo fed up joed

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Hi Joed

Sorry about the negative decision.

I'm a lawyer and don't like seeing people missing out on their rights.

If you know you had a good case and you filled everything honestly and your CAB adviser/law firm told you that you had a good case, then you could go back to them and ask them to help you to fill out FORM GL24 to appeal against the decision.

If you or your spouse/partner are in receipt of Income Support or income related ESA or Income based JSA you could be eligible for legal aid so you could visit a local law firm specialising in welfare benefits law (with a legal aid franchise) and they can deal with your appeal for free.

If you don't qualify for legal aid, or your CAB isn't willing to fill out the appeal form with the grounds for appeal, please do still make sure you appeal by sending off Form GL24 or simply a written letter stating "I would like to appeal against the decision dated xyz" stating your reasons "xyz" disagreeing with the decision letter. Your appeal letter must be in writing not by telephone and ust state that you wish to appeal not that you want a reconsideration or a review.

You can download form GL24 from the internet yourself giving whatever reasons you can in your own words (eg I disagree with your decision stating that I am that I can walk 1000 metres because I cannot walk more than xyz distance due to supported by my medical evidence attached and which was already submitted in the Claim Form which I sent to you dated X.

You must make sure you send the appeal request within one month of the date of the negative decision letter otherwise you will almost certainly lose your right to appeal. Good luck!

Purple blossom.


in reply to rosehip

it took 6wks for my dla claim to be turned down

disgussting ! joed stick in there i think we do need to all do something to fight these things!

I am so sorry joed,

I have just sent mine off last week and i have had the reply letter saying they are looking in to it. I was turned down last year and i asked them why and they hadnt even asked my gp, it was someone else in the surgery i had never seen. Since then i have got worse so my gp told me to leave the first claim and start again. So i have and i still dont think i will get.

You should definatly appeal as they are turning 70% of people down at first anyway, so you never know.

hugs, kel xxxxx

i was turned down on22/3 after applying on 21/11/11 asked for review as med report b/s got answer last week decision still stands even though they state different reasons this time they are still b/s so appeal filed what everyone says on here is true forget the review. appeal do not drop it. that is what they want you to do. use the anger they create to help keep you strong. i find stress hurts but a good dose of anger works better than tramadol for pain relief good luck to all of us. xx

hi thanks for all your comments just another day today 3rd day of terrible pain i said to my husband i would love these desision making people to be me for the day back to the gp today :( im so fed up i suffer with depression dont feel i have a fight in me right now either to appeal or re apply . have a good day everyone . joed :)


Was this your first claim? I understand that for many years now, even before the changes, that DLA claims get turned down initially.... I guess they hope you will just accept their decisions. I have known people who had initial claim turned down, they wrote back asking for a review of the decision as not all medical evidence was taken into account. They reviewed claims and were given life awards... Unfortunately that's all going to change when PIP is introduced. :(

Good luck xxx

hi rozzyb yes it is my first claim that was turned down my husband has just been to post my 4 page re-consideration letter with included a supporting specialise document im fed up ive been in so much pain for three days in row ive got everything crossed i wont hear for awhile as ive been told its taking 15weeks to reply to re-consideration letters thanks for your reply joed :)

I often wish the decision makers at DLA could live with our pain..If they had it for a day they would feel lucky to wake up the next day without any....we are not that lucky.I am frightened to accept invitations from family and friends because I cannot be relied on any more...

hi nuttynanna i totally agree with you we didnt ask to be like this and yes im same as you im fed up of letting people down joed

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