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Brown envelope

wll it fianally came the brown envelope drope on my floor yesterday with the result of my claim for PIP i have been awarded fall care and mobilty till october 2016

A big thank you to all that have bee sending me best wishes and i wish all that are still waiting for there results from PIP good luck and good fortune hope you all get your answers soon....

It was a long wait with a good result

Gentle Hugs

Gilly xxxxxx

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Well done, I am so happy for you :-)




Great News, you must be very relieved :)


Excellent news Gilly I am very pleased for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thats great .really pleased for you :p sue xxx


Hi Gilly

How lovely to hear a success story for a change :)

I'm really pleased for you.


BM x


that's brilliant, what a relief for you!


Great to hear that Gilly, the long wait & your perseverance paid off.

GJ. xx


Excuse my ignorance but what is PIP?


I love a good news story :)


Hi Gilly

Every Blessing with your fantastic News, I know it must be a great relief for you to finally have your reply and in your Favour!

I had my reply last month, awarded in my favour too, after waiting almost 11 months for the final decision to reach me! I like you was over the moon and so delighted for something that we are actually eligible for!

Thankfully we are the fortunate ones who have been awarded it. My heart goes out to the poor suffers who have to try and struggle to "Prove" their disability with Fibro, isn"t it bad enough to have it in the first place!!

I think these "Decision Makers" should have to walk a Mile in our shoes before coming to any conclusions about striking other sufferers off, last thing anyone wants is to go to Appeal with all the stress that impacts on Fibro.

Sorry babbling on now!

Sending you All my Best Wishes and Positive Healing Energies.

God Bless you. Betty Baby X

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congratulations and well done on your good news. can I ask if you have other conditions as well as fibro when you applied ?

Belinda x


Hi Belinda,

Of course you can ask me, thats what, this Site is all about to help each other out.

Yes I do have several other contributing factors, which are rather complex and complicated to go in to!

I have a rare Genetic Condition Elhers-Danlos-Syndrome.

However this was only diagnosed recently. So I was fortunate enough, like yourself to get it on Fibro alone! (I say fibro alone, apologies as if that is not enough to have to try and deal with on a daily basis!

Fibro/ME/CFS, what ever they wish to categorise me under, it does"nt matter is the most debilitating, even over-riding EDS as regards pain and how it effects my life in general, so debilitating!!

Best wishes, Well done again. (I don"t think we should have to being saying "Well Done" to Sufferers of Fibro who get this benefit but I suppose under the circumstances there are those poor sufferers, who are just not listened to!! Have the ordeal of Tribunal, which is more stress , adding to our illness!! Think the System, so unfair!!

Hope you are having a good day.

Take care. Lynn X


thanks for that Lynn I also think we need to get people to llisten and understand our condition so as to reduce the amount of stress we are foced to go through unfairly by the DWP/ATOS.

Thanks again

Belinda x


I agree 100% what you are saying. It is dreadful the "Form" itself, you need to be a Lawyer, practically to be able to fill them out! I know it put immense amount of stress on me, I could"nt do it in the end and my poor hubbie ended up filling it out for me.

I did send Letters of Support from Relevant Consultants, Physio, GP, just a thought if some poor soul is in the process of filling one of the "Horrors!" out. I think this did make a difference.

Also I put a request letter in off myself asking for a Professional who understood and actually believed in Fibro/ME/CFS. I think this may have been why it took so long to get back to me but it was well worth the wait.

THANK YOU BELINDA FOR allowing me to babble on all about my problems. Sometimes I feel alot better by just sharing them, getting them off my chest. So grateful to you for listening!!

Pray you and your daughter has best health possible this week and you can manage to get out somewhere & enjoy eachothers companyl

Lifes too short we have to make the most of our "Good" days.

In my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless

Sending Positive Healing Energies your way.

Best wishes Lynn X


Hi gillyb59

I am so, so delighted for you. These are the post on the forum that make it feel so wonderful. Congratulations.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Gilly

I'm pleased you have had some great news, do you mind me asking what the process was to apply for pip? And how long did you have to wait ?


Sarah x


what fabulous news, good on you.


Woo hoo - glad to hear it Gilly. I'm just hoping I will be as lucky with my application for continued DLA !! xx


great to hear you have got a good result .xx


Hi Gilly, great news for you :) you must be very relieved. Mines due anytime now.

What happens in Oct 2016, do you have to go through the same process again?



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