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Mass Fishicide....apologies to V-G!!!!

Oh Good Grief!!!! OH recieved his Canadian work permit yesterday and its safe to say we are all over the moon! He leaves us in 22 days to take up his new job in Canada.We have been waiting for this news since October last year so this is wonderful news.

OH is understandably worried about leaving us but more so about leaving me with the pain but also the dreaded fibro fog. Quite understandable really if you refresh your memories back to last weekend when i murdered my wheatbag by putting it in the microwave and cremating it for 20 mins only narrowly avoiding an inferno!

Well last night he went back to work for a night shift and a 6-2 today, so i thought it would be good practice for me locking up and so on.....I went round downstairs before i went to bed, checking everything was locked/off. I looked at the tv on the wall and had a thought..."I know, i will not leave the tv on standby, i'll save energy." So, thats what i did, i switched all the plugs off and toddled to bed congratualting myself on my responsible attitude.

Got up this morning, went downstairs and something felt wrong in the front room, i coulldnt think what but something was definately wrong. It was then, with horror that i realised that in switching off the plugs last noght i had switched the tropical fish tanks plugs off including the filter which obviously pumps out oxygen!!!!!!

I quickly switched it back on and turned on the lights.....the fish were lifeless to say the least so i turned the filter on full and slowly the fish started moving! I was so relieved!! They are swimming around slowly but im hopeful that i wont lose any. I cant even manage for one night without making a hash of things....what am i gonna do when OH goes to Canada?????

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Oh dear - Heart attack moment!

You're going to have to make a check list to go through every night, and stick some red sellotape over switches which must not be turned off. I find this works pretty well for me - and I also have my house keys on a tape round my neck so I don't lock myself out!

I hope your fish recover soon, and best wishes to OH on his career move.

Love Moffy x


I agree with moffy. Lists and labels are great for the avoidance of many a fibro fog disaster


Hi Charlii, my OH doesn't even trust me with that...... as above that every plug has a sticky label on like TV snake tank etc. and the only ones I know I can rake out are ones without labels, sounds extreme but the labels are quite small so they don't stand out.... My OH actually does have some good ideas .... Sometimes... I think the majority of your fish will be ok... You may lose a few ...we used to have tropical fish and had a power cut for a good few hours... It happens when you live in a tiny place in the middle of nowhere ......1 mile away from us there is no internet... STOP planning to have me move there ;)

Fingers crossed for the fish

VG x


I turned my freezer off one night when going around switching off plugs, I didn't realise my mistake for a couple of days and lost around £50 of food! :( I've since taped the lid from a film canister over the freezer switch so I can't do it again.

I hope your fish are OK? xxx


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